Are You A Pro-Sumer? Let Bill Quain, PhD, Show You How!

Are You A Pro-Sumer? Let Bill Quain, PhD, Show You How!

Amway! There, we just saved you the trouble of reading Pro-Sumer Power!, Bill Quain’s riveting get-rich-quick book from 2000, which Alan Scherstuhl found in a thrift store recently and recaps for your amusement over at the Village Voice. You see, producers make money. Consumers spend money. And Pro-sumers make money while they spend. Still not clear? You’re a banana when you should be some sort of banana-gorilla hybrid.

Amway's Baaaaaaccck!

Amway's Baaaaaaccck!

Like a sequel to a horror movie, the Amway brand name is bursting out of a shallow grave, reports ABCmoney:

The move also was widely viewed as a way of helping the company shed some of the negative connotations the Amway name had acquired. The Quixtar name, however, never resonated with the public.