Raiders Of The Lost Walmart Handle Your Bookkeeping In 2007

Raiders Of The Lost Walmart Handle Your Bookkeeping In 2007

The Raiders of the Lost Walmart are a brave crew of retail archaeologists. They comb the nation’s stores and carefully excavate clearance racks in order to find the most ancient pieces of technology being sold for unjustified prices. Today, one of the Raiders shared with us a precious piece of software from seven years ago. [More]

(Alan Cleaver)

The Slightly Ridiculous Multiple License Pricing Of QuickBooks

When Brett’s dad bought a new computer with a shinier operating system, he had to purchase a new version of the accounting software Quickbooks for use on more than one computer. No big deal: Quickbooks comes with multiple licenses so users can install it on more than one computer after buying only one copy. There was no mention of needing multiple licenses for multiple computers in the sales documentation. That’s when Brett learned that you can’t make purchases based on how a product’s specifications used to be. A second license actually costs more than a single copy of Quickbooks. [More]

Being Locked Out Of Quickbooks Leads To An Endless Series Of Upsells

Being Locked Out Of Quickbooks Leads To An Endless Series Of Upsells

Quickbooks from Intuit is a very popular piece of accounting software used by accountants and non-accountants alike. One of its more annoying features is that customers must call to register their software after purchase, or it won’t work. Brian writes that his problem with Quickbooks came when the registration code for his new copy of QuickBooks wouldn’t work, and Intuit wanted him to pay $40 for technical support in order to get help registering the software he had already paid for. [More]

A reader reports that thanks to a big update over the weekend, customers haven’t been able to connect to Chase services via Quicken, MS Money, or Quickbooks, though web browsers still work. Seamus writes, “The worst part is that only about half of their support staff are even aware of the problem, and no resolution time has been given. Another “upgrade” gone wrong!”