BP To Pay $25 Million Penalty For Alaska Oil Spill

BP To Pay $25 Million Penalty For Alaska Oil Spill

Long before BP was cutting costs — and spilling oodles of oil — into the Gulf of Mexico, it was polluting the soil in Alaska by refusing to properly maintain its pipeline system. And now your Worst Company In America has agreed to pony up $25 million to settle the federal investigation into a massive Alaska spill in Prudhoe Bay. [More]

See The Show BP Would Rather Blot Out With Black

See The Show BP Would Rather Blot Out With Black Gook

Catch the FRONTLINE doc on the BP Gulf spill on PBS tonight. A newly released excerpt shows how the oil giant behaved in Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, pushing aging infrastructure that was supposed to only last until 1987 for years past its limits. [More]

BP Oil Leak Maybe Not So Bad

BP Oil Leak Maybe Not So Bad

A 200 gallon British Petroleum oil spill discovered in Alaska’s Prudhoe Bay caused price per gallon to rise past $76 Monday and threaten the shutdown of the nation’s largest oil field. However, BP officials intimated they’re looking into ways to conduct repairs and checks without disabling the entire operation.

BP Closes Major Alaskan Oil Field

BP Closes Major Alaskan Oil Field

Due to a leak, British Petroleum announced an indefinite shutdown of the Prudhoe Bay field, which produces 8% of the US oil supply. Crude oil prices rocketed past $76.