Facebook Takes My Post Promotion Money, Offers No Way Out

All Carla wanted to do was find out how much it would cost her to promote a status update on Facebook. You know, in case something so important came up that she needed to pay Facebook to share it with the people who she already thought she was sharing her posts with. Only something went wrong and she ended up buying a promoted status. Facebook won’t let her take it back, and there are no humans there to help. [More]

Heaven forbid you pick up the phone or write an e-mail...

Want More People To Like Your Facebook Post? That’ll Be $7

Anyone on Facebook knows that person in their group of “friends” who seems to live and die by whether or not people like, comment, or otherwise interact with each little status update. So to feed those emotionally needy beasts, the revenue-hungry folks at Facebook have launched some nonsense called Promoted Posts, where you can pay money to have more people see your kids’ first day of school photos. [More]