What Makes For A Good Wedding Present?

What Makes For A Good Wedding Present?

It’s June, which used to mean nice weather in the Northeast. Now it just means it’s wedding season, which will never change.

HOW TO: Have Happy Returns

The tree is shedding needles and the cheap champagne hangover has faded along with your memory, which means it’s time to think about returning all those crappy gifts you got. Consumer Reports Shopping blog has some tips on making your returns happy:

Why Our Presents Are Late

Here’s the yuletide apologia we just dashed off to our family to explain why all our presents will be late this year: outsourcing.

Unused Gift Cards Profit Retailers By $4.8 Billion

Six percent of this year’s gift cards will go unused, netting retailers $4.8 billion in free money, the AP reports.

UPS Won’t Give Refunds During Holidays

UPS Won’t Give Refunds During Holidays

UPS ground doesn’t give refunds during the holidays.

Last-Minute Shipping Deadlines For Online Shopping

Make sure your gift arrives in time to be shoved under the tinsel by checking out these last-minute shipping deadlines for online stores.

What Cyber Monday Shoppers Bought

Thanks to media hype and participation by major retailers, yesterday’s Cyber Monday resulted in record traffic and sales.