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Clerk Sells Wrong Lottery Ticket, Customer Wins $381K In Powerball

Many years ago, I had a job that included selling lottery tickets. Sometimes I’d make a mistake, maybe printing out a quick-pick when the customer wanted to dictate numbers to me, or printing off a Win 4 ticket instead of a Take Five. “That’s okay,” some customers would say. “Maybe it was a lucky mistake. I’ll buy that one.” This never translated to big payouts for my customers, but won a convenience store customer in California $380,774. [More]

It’s Getting Harder To Win The Powerball Jackpot — But Smaller Rewards May Be Within Reach

It’s Getting Harder To Win The Powerball Jackpot — But Smaller Rewards May Be Within Reach

If you’ve been basing your lottery dreams on the same Powerball odds that have been in place, you better prepare for an adjustment in your sleep-time calculations: The folks behind the curtain are changing the rules, making it tougher to win the Powerball jackpot. [More]

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Guy Fails To Check Powerball Ticket, Spends Six Weeks Clueless To The Fact That He’s A Millionaire

There are some problems we all wish we could have, and finding out you’ve been needlessly spending your days as a normal person only to learn you’re actually a millionaire is certainly one of them. A New York man thought the Powerball winner had already been found, when in fact, he had the winning ticket worth $136 million tacked up in his basement behind a pipe for six weeks. [More]

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Seattle Couple Realizes After Three Months They’ve Got A $1M Powerball Ticket

You know how they say, “You can’t win if you don’t play?” That’s true, but you also can’t really win unless you remember to check your ticket. That was the case for a Seattle couple who bought a Powerball ticket, left it in the car for months and then decided to check it after all. Turns out they’d won $1 million. [More]

Man Wins Lottery Without Knowing It, Loses Ticket, Probably Cries

Man Wins Lottery Without Knowing It, Loses Ticket, Probably Cries

A man in southern California is living the nightmare of all lottery players: he bought a Powerball ticket in September of last year, and won the game without realizing it. The California Lottery tried to identify the winner as the deadline loomed, releasing surveillance camera footage of him to news outlets. He recognized himself…but he no longer has the winning ticket. [More]

Two Men Throw Away Winning $1M Powerball Ticket, Sue Lottery Commission To Get The Money

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Just imagine realizing that you’d won a million dollars — after you’d already thrown away the ticket. No one’s gonna believe that one, right? But two New Jersey men say they’ve got proof they won, after throwing out their tickets in error, and they want their Powerball money. [More]

Want To Win The Powerball? Maybe You Should Move To West Virginia

Want To Win The Powerball? Maybe You Should Move To West Virginia

I know, I know. Just last week I told you to move to Wisconsin, and I stand by that. But if you want the magic fairy dust that apparently brings big money, maybe you should pack up and set down roots in West Virginia. Because that’s where the Powerball fairy lives. [More]

Not the winning cookie. (Fujoshi)

Someone Actually Won $2 Million By Playing The Numbers From A Fortune Cookie

Some people swear by their chosen lottery numbers — whether they’re birth dates, anniversaries or the numbers from Lost — but most of those people still fail at winning anything. But when one Bronx great-grandmother decided to try her luck at a recent Powerball, she decided to just go with whatever a fortune cookie suggested — and it paid off. Literally. [More]

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Here Is A Guaranteed Strategy To Win The Lottery

There was only one winner of the $425 million Powerball drawing this week, and the ticket was sold at a gas station in California’s Bay Area. As you spend that money in your head, as we inevitably all do, you might wonder how you could win the lottery. You don’t need luck. Here’s a guaranteed winning strategy. [More]

All It Takes To Win $1M Powerball Prize? Playing The Same Numbers For Decades

All It Takes To Win $1M Powerball Prize? Playing The Same Numbers For Decades

The odds of you or me winning the Powerball are pretty darn slim. But who knew that if you could only have the patience to dedicate yourself entirely to just one set of numbers, and play them constantly over two decades, that you could reap say, a $1 million Powerball prize? Here’s where we point to a guy who did just that. [More]

Tomorrow Someone In Florida Will Lose The Chance To Collect $16M In Lottery Winnings

Tomorrow Someone In Florida Will Lose The Chance To Collect $16M In Lottery Winnings

If you live in Florida you might want to start checking under the car seats, between the couch cushions and in the pocket of those pants you haven’t worn in awhile — there’s a $16 million Powerball jackpot sitting around just waiting for someone to claim it. But time is running out. [More]

$1 Million Lottery Prize Goes Unclaimed, Split Between Boring Worthy Causes

$1 Million Lottery Prize Goes Unclaimed, Split Between Boring Worthy Causes

Did you buy a Powerball ticket in an Indiana Circle K convenience store in April? Do your usual numbers include 1, 36, 40, 52, and 53? Um, you should probably sit down. [More]

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Winning The Powerball Is Easy — Just Buy Your Ticket From A Lucky Store

Before you get all up in arms and say there’s no such thing as an easy Powerball win [insert grumbling here] — I know. But there are stores that have come to be known as lucky, simply because they happened to sell the winning ticket and thereby get to claim a bit of the winner’s shine when all is said and done. Now perhaps if you consistently only visited those establishments… one can only hope. [More]

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Man Wins $338M Powerball Jackpot, Promises To Pay Everyone’s Rent In His Neighborhood

When you list the things you’ll buy and the places you’ll go when you finally strike it rich with a ginormous lottery win, is “paying all my neighbors’ rent” on there? It was for a New Jersey man who just won the $338 million Powerball jackpot last week. At least, he’s promised to cover housing costs for his neighbors for a little while. [More]

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Even If You Don’t Win The Powerball Jackpot, Check Your Ticket For Second Place

Let’s face it: You’re probably not going to win tonight’s $550 million Powerball jackpot (and if you do, check out these tips and email me your phone number). But you could be one of the lottery’s lesser winners. You’ll never know it if you throw your ticket on the ground and stomp on it like a sore loser, never to check out those numbers again. [More]

Man Accidentally Plays Wrong Lottery Game And Wins $14.3 Million

Man Accidentally Plays Wrong Lottery Game And Wins $14.3 Million

Winning the lottery is all about luck — or is it about accidentally buying a ticket thinking it’s one game instead of another? Either way, one Wisconsin man won the $14.3 million Megabucks pot, but was oblivious to his windfall for three days. [More]

Powerball Makes It "Two Dollars And A Dream"

Powerball Makes It "Two Dollars And A Dream"

Those whose retirement strategy is to buy a Powerball ticket and pray will have to double down on their investments. Starting Jan. 15, the multi-state mega-lottery will increase its ticket prices from $1 to $2. The price bump follows the lead of scratch-off tickets, many of which come in much larger denominations. [More]

VIDEO: Store Clerk Learns He's $258.5 Million Powerball Winner

VIDEO: Store Clerk Learns He's $258.5 Million Powerball Winner

If you’ve ever played the lottery, here’s your chance to vicariously live through the moment of realizing you’re the winner. Store clerk Chris Shaw recently became a $258.5 million Powerball winner of the Missouri lottery, and here’s the footage of him arriving at the gas station where he bought it and learning he gets all the marbles. If anything he seems pretty aw shucks and humble about it. [More]