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Uber May Re-Emerge In Portland Under Pilot Program Next Month

After agreeing to suspend its service in Portland, OR last December, Uber could be back on the road in the city by April 15 if officials approve a proposed pilot program. [More]


Police Posed As Shoplifters, Sold Meat And Supplies To Food Truck Operators

Two food cart operators in Portland, Oregon were busted last week buying meat, soda, oven cleaner, and utensils from undercover officers posing as shoplifters. They were arrested and have both been charged with attempted theft by receiving. However, they explained to local media that they totally didn’t think that they were buying meat that had been shoved down a thief’s pants. No way. [More]

Uber Agrees To Suspend Service In Portland For 3 Months

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Marking the first time the ride-sharing company has voluntarily agreed to suspend service in a city it’s already established in, Uber has agreed to pull its drivers from the road in Portland for three months as part of a deal with the mayor to work on new regulations. [More]

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Portland Sues To Get Rid Of Uber Just Days After Car Service Arrives In The City

The city of Portland, OR hasn’t just avoided putting out the welcome mat for ridesharing service Uber, no siree. Portland is so set against the company setting up shop there, that only a few days after Uber opened up for business there, the city is suing to ban it from operating. [More]


Police Officers Finish Delivering Order After Pizza Hut Driver Is Injured In Car Crash

It’s the joke that must be made — Portland Police not only protect, but they serve… pizza. Because after a Pizza Hut delivery driver was injured in a car crash, the cops made a special effort to ensure that his customers didn’t go hungry, and delivered up the pizza in his stead. [More]

The 1913 report on vice in Portland resulted in this map assigning a different color to varying degrees of immorality at hotels, apartments, and boarding houses.  Click image to enlarge. (via BigThink.com)

101 Years Ago, Someone Mapped The Morals Of Portland, Building-By-Building

Long before there were interactive police blotter maps, or even funny maps labeling neighborhoods with tags like “Yuppies with Puppies” or “Bars You’re Too Old To Go To,” the city of Portland (the one on the upper-left of the map) actually plotted out which rental homes, hotels, and apartment buildings had been investigated and deemed to be “moral,” “immoral,” or “doubtful.” [More]

The original Yelp review has since been deleted, but not before the Internet saved this screengrab for posterity.

Restaurant Turns Yelper’s Lame Abortion Joke Into Fundraiser For Domestic Violence Crisis Line

Just like the rest of the Internet, Yelp is not immune to idiots who pepper their “reviews” with boorish, sexist statements that are probably intended to be funny. Most businesses would simply ignore this sort of non-feedback, but a restaurant in Portland (the one to the upper-left) saw a chance to turn a cheap abortion-based semi-joke into a worthwhile cause. [More]

Portland Will No Longer Invest In Walmart

Portland Will No Longer Invest In Walmart

In its continuing quest to become a caricature of outsiders’ clichés , the city of Portland, Oregon has decided to stop investing in Walmart. Wait, Portland invests in Walmart? Yes, just under 3% of the city’s portfolio consists of Walmart bonds, the last of which will mature in 2016. The city’s total Walmart holdings were $36 million. [More]

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City Officials Flushing 38 Million Gallons Of Water After Teen Pees In Portland Reservoir

The reason cranky adults yell things like “Get off my lawn!” at teenagers isn’t just to protect that lawn. No, we’ve learned in our wise old age that it’s just easier than yelling “Please think about your decisions and how they will affect those around you before you do something just because you think it’s funny!” Case in point: A 19-year-old who’s wasted 38 million gallons of drinking water just because he apparently thought it’d be hilarious to pee in it. [More]

Airbnb To Start Collecting Taxes In Portland, San Francisco, Maybe New York City

Airbnb To Start Collecting Taxes In Portland, San Francisco, Maybe New York City

Airbnb is a site that lets people rent rooms or entire apartments or houses, directly from the homeowner or renter. It has proven popular with travelers, but less popular with landlords, the hotel industry, and local governments. Why do local governments care? Airbnb rentals aren’t subject to sales and hotel changes. In some cities, that’s about to change. [More]

Taco Bell Gives In, Reinstates Free Tacos For Michigan State Basketball Fans

Taco Bell Gives In, Reinstates Free Tacos For Michigan State Basketball Fans

Taco Bell has a long tradition of giving away free food tied to the results of certain sporting events, like the World Series. But only weeks after pulling the plug on its 14-year free chalupa promo with the Portland Trail Blazers, the Bell angered Michigan State basketball fans by ending the deal that offered free tacos to everyone in the arena if the Spartans scored at least 70 points. [More]


No, Comcast Will Not Threaten To Arrest You If You Don’t Pay Your Bill

So you’ve received an e-mail from Comcast saying you’re $25 late on your cable bill and that if you don’t resolve the issue ASAP, you could be arrested. First, that’s simply not true, and second, that message isn’t from Comcast. [More]

Blazers scored 100 points at home? Too bad; no free Chalupa.

After 14 Years, Taco Bell Stops Giving Free Chalupas To Portland Trail Blazers Fans

For more than a decade, whenever the Portland Trail Blazers scored at least 100 points during a home game, every person at the game got a coupon for a free Taco Bell Chalupa. But when the new season starts, the Blazers will have less of an incentive to put up triple-digit numbers, as Taco Bell has apparently pulled the plug on the longtime promotion. [More]


When You Cut Trash Collection To Every Two Weeks, Parents Will Still Find A Way To Get Rid Of Dirty Diapers

In Oct. 2011, Portland, Oregon, switched from weekly trash pickups to an every other week system, which is fine for many people who probably just needed to invest in another garbage can or two to hold that additional refuse. Additionally, the city had a weekly pickup for recycling and its new composting program, so smelly bottles, cans, and food scraps were being hauled away every seven days. But some parents of babies with stinky diapers are not waiting for that next garbage truck to swing by, and are instead tossing out the dirty diapers with the recycling. [More]

Hey, we remember you!

Man Who Exercised 1st Amendment Rights By Stripping At Airport Still Owes TSA $1K

Remember the man who stripped down to his birthday suit at an Oregon airport to express his First Amendment rights? We know we sure do. And while a judge said that act was totally protected by the Constitution, he’s still got a pesky $1,000 fine from the Transportation Security Administration hanging over his head. He says he’s ready to fight that, too. [More]

School District Bans All Sorts Of Yummy Food At Games, Events, Field Trips & Dances

School District Bans All Sorts Of Yummy Food At Games, Events, Field Trips & Dances

For students in the public schools of Portland, Maine, the next year — and the foreseeable future — will be devoid of in-class pizza or cupcake parties, and all the high-calorie snacks and beverages sold at sporting events and dances will be replaced with healthier options. Even the teachers have to bring their own sugary sodas to work. [More]

Nudity Is Always A Fun Way To Protest The TSA

Nudity Is Always A Fun Way To Protest The TSA

Perhaps the man who stripped naked at the Portland International Airport security checkpoint last night just figured he was saving the TSA the step of having to pat him down for concealed items? [More]

Planting Trees Increase Value Of Rentals By $21 A Month

Planting Trees Increase Value Of Rentals By $21 A Month

A new study by the U.S. Forest Service found that planting trees along the perimeter of a rental property increase the rates the landlord could charge by $21 a month. [More]