JetBlue Cutting Legroom, Revamping Entertainment System By Adding Larger Seatback TVs

JetBlue Cutting Legroom, Revamping Entertainment System By Adding Larger Seatback TVs

Following through on a nearly two-year old plan, JetBlue announced Monday that it will try to capitalize on the space inside some of its planes by stuffing more seats into the cabin, which in turn means less legroom for travelers.  [More]

Your Hoverboard Is No Longer Welcome On 3 More Airlines

Your Hoverboard Is No Longer Welcome On 3 More Airlines

Hoverboards: they’re self-balancing scooters that are currently a hot toy in the sense that they’re very popular, and a hot toy in the sense that they keep bursting into much-publicized flames, sometimes while in use. Airlines all over the world have asked customers to kindly leave their hoverboards on the ground. [More]

Lawmaker Questions Airlines, Plane Manufacturers On Cybersecurity Measures

Lawmaker Questions Airlines, Plane Manufacturers On Cybersecurity Measures

Eight months after a government report found that airplanes with WiFi connections may be vulnerable to cyber attacks and seven months after a hacker claimed to have commandeered a United Airlines flight via the plane’s in-flight entertainment system, one lawmaker wants to know just what airlines are doing to protect their computer systems — and passengers.  [More]

Feds Investigating After 20 Laser Strikes Aimed At Aircraft Reported Across The U.S. In One Night

Feds Investigating After 20 Laser Strikes Aimed At Aircraft Reported Across The U.S. In One Night

Federal investigators have been kept busy this year investigating laser strikes at the nation’s airports, but in just one night, their workload jumped by quite a bit: more than 20 laser incidents were reported overnight between Wednesday at Thursday, at airports across the country. [More]

Southwest Airlines Plane Grounded After Pilots Report Suspicious Object

Southwest Airlines Plane Grounded After Pilots Report Suspicious Object

Anyone who has traveled through an airport in the last decade will recognize the common loudspeaker announcement to be on the lookout for and to report any unattended, suspicious baggage or activity. It was one such item that caused Southwest Airlines to ground a flight and move passengers to another plane on Thursday night.

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Bees Swarm American Airlines Plane, Delaying Flight

Back in June, we learned that a small wasp’s nest had the power to divert a plane full of passengers. Today, we discovered that a swarm of bees outside the aircraft has the ability to delay a flight.  [More]


Chicago Residents Want City To Buy Their Homes, Claiming Living Near O’Hare Airport Is A Noisy Nightmare

A group of residents living near O’Hare International Airport are suing the city of Chicago, seeking to make the city buy their homes. They claim their houses have become unlivable after a spike in jet noise from O’Hare, after a new runway opened two years ago. [More]

Flying with Mav. Cool or scary?

Awesome Or Terrifying?: “Highway To The Danger Zone” Playing On The Plane PA During Takeoff

For some folks, taking off in an airplane can be a bit scary. After all, you’re in a metal tube hurtling along the ground that somehow launches itself into the air like a huge, manmade bird. That same experience can be a rush for other travelers, who some may envy for their ability to enjoy facing their mortality with a blast of turbojets. Either way, your emotions may be heightened if the plane’s crew plays the theme to Top Gun over the PA system during takeoff. [More]

"FIG. 15 represents a perspective view of an ultra-rapid air vehicle according to the invention"(

Proposed Hypersonic Plane From Airbus: Paris To Tokyo In 3 Hours (Instead Of 12)

Because we can not yet bend time and space to our will, time is valuable. Which is why travelers might like to save that important resource and spend much less time on the plane than they do now. Airbus may make that a reality with its idea for a hypersonic plane. [More]

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Police: “Serial Stowaway” Known For Trying To Sneak Onto Planes Arrested At Two Chicago Airports

A woman who’s been caught multiple times — with varying instances of success — trying to sneak aboard planes without a ticket has been arrested at two Chicago airports within a month trying to pull her signature stowaway move, police say. [More]

A Delta regional flight jet was damaged after it came in contact with a terminal wall Wednesday.

Delta Air Lines Regional Jet Collides With Terminal Wall At Detroit Airport, Delay Ensues

Backing up a plane is a lot more complicated that reversing out of your driveway, but pilots generally do it without too much trouble (and with the help of an airplane tug). But this everyday occurrence went awry today for a Delta-operated regional jet in Detroit.

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Video Captures Lightning Striking Two Planes Approaching Seattle Airport During Storm

They say lightning never strikes twice — but one observant onlooker did catch two separate lightning strikes hitting planes approaching Seattle’s Sea-Tac Airport as they were landing. Both flights landed without incident, though those onboard say the moment the lightning hit the planes was a rough, albeit very brief experience. [More]

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Flight’s Inaugural Journey Delayed After Firefighters Accidentally Spray Plane With Foam

Picture this: You’re all hyped up and ready to fly across the ocean as part of an airline’s inaugural journey to a destination across the ocean, everyone is cheering, the excitement is building and then suddenly foam is spraying everywhere. Celebration over, and you’re forced to wait a night to get off the ground. Delays are annoying, yes, but rarely are they caused by celebrating firefighters pressing the wrong button. [More]


Alaska Airlines Flight Delayed After Passenger Is Stung By A Scorpion

Now that we’ve all finally gotten over the nightmarish scenario of snakes taking over a plane (well, we’re almost over it) there’s a new terror in the skies to occupy that spot in our fears: An Alaska Airlines passenger was stung by a scorpion aboard a flight to Portland, OR from Los Angeles just before the plane was set to take off. [More]


Chinese Budget Carrier Wants To Sell Passengers Cheaper Tickets — If They’re Willing To Stand During Flights

Seatbelt? Who needs a seatbelt? We all chuckled back when Ryanair sought to get permission to sell standing tickets on the cheap, saying “seatbelts don’t matter.” It seems cockamamie ideas are contagious, as a budget carrier in China is now trying to get permission to do pretty much the same thing as an option for frugal travelers. [More]

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Survey Confirms What Your Nose Already Knows: Bringing Smelly Food On Airplanes Is Annoying

There it is, that rumble, low and deep in your stomach that tells you you’re not gonna make it through this flight with just a paltry bag of peanuts to stay the beast of hunger. But unless you’re Sir Patrick Stewart, bringing a smelly tuna sub or other fragrant food onboard is going to tick off your fellow passengers. A new survey confirms just that, showing how widespread our abhorrence of stinky plane food really is. [More]


FAA: More Than 1,300 Boeing Jets Must Replace Pilot Displays To Prevent WiFi Interference

While travelers can now use a slew of mobile devices during flight, it’s not just the gadgets in the cabin that fall under the auspices of the Federal Aviation Administration. The agency issued an order yesterday saying more than 1,300 Boeing jets must have their pilot displays replaced, to make sure they’re resistant to any possible interference coming from WiFi devices used in the cockpit. [More]


Plane Diverted After Drunk Woman Allegedly Demands A Parachute, Attacks Crew With Prosthetic Leg

It doesn’t matter what weapon you use — threatening anyone with bodily harm is never okay. That’s why a flight from Tunisia to Edinburgh, Scotland was diverted to London after a woman who was reportedly drunk allegedly attacked cabin crew with her prosthetic leg, after demanding “cigarettes and a parachute.” [More]