I tried these three and 17 more variations because pizza.

I Tried 21 Variations Of New Pizza Hut Offerings And Survived

While I am not a scientist, professional reviewer or food expert, sometimes I and other the members of the Consumerist team venture out into the fast food wild and experience new things. Thus it fell to me on Monday night to try out some of Pizza Hut’s new crusts, sauces, drizzles and topping combinations. And by “some,” I mean I ate 21 different kinds of pizza last night. [More]


Everyone Wants To Believe Photo Of Domino’s Worker Delivering Pizza Directly To Bed Of Hungover Man Is Real

There are some things on the Internet that are just too good to be true, I know, but oh man, I really hope this isn’t one of them: A guy reportedly in the death grip of a truly heinous hangover wasn’t feeling like answering the door to get his Domino’s pizza delivery, but it all worked out because of a brave worker, unafraid to see a lazy customer in his skivvies, watching James Bond movies. That is, if this all really happened. [More]

Pizza Hut Creates Crusts Stuffed With Jalapeños And With Dessert

Pizza Hut Creates Crusts Stuffed With Jalapeños And With Dessert

In their ongoing quest to stretch the boundaries of pizza crust-stuffing science, Pizza Hut uses their international outlets as test kitchens for new and exciting meals. In the United Arab Emirates and in Korea, the chain is testing two ideas that sound quite appealing. Or maybe I should have eaten lunch today. [More]


College Students Pitch In To Tip Delivery Driver $1,268 For Two Pizzas

Tipping a lot for pizza isn’t unusual — how else can one adequately express thanks for delivering a cheesey piece of heaven? — but in most cases, “a lot” means maybe $10. But when a bunch of college students pooled their resources to make one pizza guy’s night, they managed to drop a pretty hefty chunk of change on just two pizzas, giving him a $1,268 tip. [More]

(Adam A. Koch)

Pizza Hut Offers Free Pizza To Book-It Alumni

If you attended an American elementary school during the last three decades, you might have taken part in the Book-It program at Pizza Hut. The program aimed to get elementary school-aged children reading and get entire families under the red roof of The Hut to enjoy a pleasant dinner. Now that the program is 30 years old, Pizza Hut is inviting Book-It alumni to come back for a personal pan pizza topped with literacy and nostalgia. [More]

Can Math Determine Whether Pizza Hut Or Domino’s Is Better?

Can Math Determine Whether Pizza Hut Or Domino’s Is Better?

While some people swear by certain pizza chains, others see little difference between a pie from Domino’s or one from Pizza Hut. At that point, it probably comes down to which offers a better value. So how to determine which one provides more bang for your buck? Perhaps some basic math will suffice. [More]

Craving Pizza And Burgers? White Castle Has You Covered

Have you ever been hungry late at night, but unsure whether you wanted to get burgers or pizza? Your dilemma has been solved, and not by that Pizza Hut monstrosity with tiny cheeseburgers in its crusts. No, this time it’s White Castle that has you covered: their “Slider Italiano Fest” features a pizza slider: that is, a slice of pepperoni, marinara sauce, and mozzarella cheese on an original (beef) slider. There are also chicken-based sliders. [Brand Eating]


Police Officers Finish Delivering Order After Pizza Hut Driver Is Injured In Car Crash

It’s the joke that must be made — Portland Police not only protect, but they serve… pizza. Because after a Pizza Hut delivery driver was injured in a car crash, the cops made a special effort to ensure that his customers didn’t go hungry, and delivered up the pizza in his stead. [More]

(Adam A. Koch)

Pizza Hut Testing “Skinny Slice” Pies, Or “Thin Crust Pizza” As It’s Known Elsewhere

Remember when Pizza Hut invented the cookie cake in 2014? It’s now testing out a mysterious new pizza configuration called “Skinny Slice” pies, wherein each contains less dough and fewer toppings for the health conscious. Basically, it’s thin crust pizza, but don’t tell Pizza Hut that. [More]

Pizza Shop Worker Admits It Was “Stupid” To Rub His Junk On Customer’s Pie


Today in Awful Things I’d Rather Not Know Happened But Well, Here We Are: A customer at a take-and-bake pizza shop has accused an 18-year-old worker of rubbing his downstairs bits on the pie as he got his order ready. The reason? He was allegedly annoyed at having to take the order right before the store closed for the night. [More]

DiGiorno Shows Why You Should Read Twitter Hashtags Before Using Them

DiGiorno Shows Why You Should Read Twitter Hashtags Before Using Them

We’ve discussed before how brands should reconsider the use of Twitter as a promotional tool, since the combination of employees signed in to the wrong account, thoughtless jumping on bandwagons, and followers who know how to take screen shots has damaged a lot of brands. Today’s devastating example of why you should look before employing a hashtag comes from frozen pizza brand DiGiorno, which wandered into a serious Twitter conversation about domestic violence. [More]

Little Caesars Makes Pizzas Out Of Giant Flat Pretzels

Little Caesars Makes Pizzas Out Of Giant Flat Pretzels

While chain pizzeria competitor Pizza Hut stuffs pizza crusts with anything they can think of, Little Caesars keeps it simple. Their gimmick is having “Hot-N-Ready” pizzas with basic toppings ready to go at low prices during dinner hours, so getting a pizza requires no advance thought. Now they’re joining both the Exotic Pizza Wars and the fast-food pretzel bun trend with a burger on a giant pretzel. [More]

Example of pizza showmanship. (Jeff Kubina)

Pizza Worker May Be Deported After 20 Years On The Job Because He Doesn’t Actually Toss Dough

What sets one pizza worker apart from all the rest, making that employee worthy of earning a visa to stay in the United States? Apparently, the ability to exhibit “showmanship,” by tossing pizza dough in the air. So after one restaurant admitted its employee couldn’t actually perform that skill, despite making that claim on a visa application, the worker in question might be deported. [More]

Frozen Pizza With Cookie Layer Is What Pizza Hut Only Aspires To

Frozen Pizza With Cookie Layer Is What Pizza Hut Only Aspires To

Sure, Pizza Hut thinks it’s being all revolutionary with its cookie pizzas, and infinite variations on stuffed crusts but the chain isn’t taking things nearly far enough. Have they tried putting an entire cookie pizza layer on top of a pizza? They have not. Yet. One brave man, Michael J. Hudson, has tried such a feat. The result looks horrifying. And amazing. And horrifying. [More]


Amtrak Hands Out Doritos & Pizza After Train Leaves The Station Without Its Passengers

You know that feeling you get when you leave the house, like maybe you left the curling iron on, or didn’t remember to lock the back door? That’s annoying enough, so I can’t even imagine what it’d be like to leave an entire trainful of passengers behind at the station, like one Amtrak train did over the weekend. [More]

Papa John’s Introduces Pulled Pork Pizzas For Some Reason

Papa John’s Introduces Pulled Pork Pizzas For Some Reason

Sure, summer is a time for eating barbecue, but we’re not so sure that it should be a time for strange barbecue mashups in our chain pizzerias. Yet Papa John’s is taking what we can only assume is mediocre pulled pork and slathering it on their bland, salty pizza. [More]

(Van in LA)

Man Who Tried To Rob Pizzeria Sues Restaurant For $260K, Claiming Unnecessary Roughness

A man who’s in jail for several robberies including an attempted robbery at a pizza restaurant in Delaware is now suing police and several employees of that eatery for $260,000, claiming they were unnecessarily rough in subduing him. [More]

(Morton Fox)

Guy Arrested For Allegedly Stealing Beer Says He’s “Wrongfully Accused” Of Ordering 5 Pizzas From Jail

A man accused of boosting beer and being drunk in public somehow found himself in more trouble after he was booked at the police station, with officers claiming he used his cell phone to order a pizza delivery under the name of his arresting officer. [More]