Man Pleads Guilty In Scheme That Scammed $2.4 Million In Free Comcast Service

Man Pleads Guilty In Scheme That Scammed $2.4 Million In Free Comcast Service

Last year, police in Pennsylvania busted a ring of scammers — including some former Comcast employees — who had talked nearly 6,000 people into paying upwards of $200 to permanently have their Comcast cable bills reduced. Now the man described as being “second in command” of the ring has entered a guilty plea. [More]

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Family Faces Lien On Home Because City Doesn’t Have Time To Look At Building

Here in Philadelphia, buildings with multiple apartments must hire private trash collectors to haul away residents’ garbage or face fines. But one family says it’s been having a dilly of a time trying to convince the city that they are the only tenants of the building and that they shouldn’t face a lien over $1,197 in fines that should never have been assessed. [More]

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Comcast: We Are Not Relocating NBC To Philadelphia

In the last few years, a lot of people (including yours truly) have fled New York City and headed 100 miles down the road to Philadelphia. At the same time, Philly-based cable colossus Comcast was buying NBC, apparently sparking rumors that it would take the broadcaster out of its longtime home at Rockefeller Center in Manhattan and insert it into the mammoth, gleaming USB drive that is the Comcast tower. But it just ain’t so, say the boys from Kabletown. [More]

Here’s Video Of A Car Crashing Into A Dunkin’ Donuts

Here’s Video Of A Car Crashing Into A Dunkin’ Donuts

Starting to feel the midday drag? Here’s a little video to wake you up, and make you glad that you were not the driver of the car that crashed into a Philadelphia Dunkin’ Donuts yesterday. [More]

Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter

Gas Company Places Lien On Philly Mayor’s House Over Unpaid Bill

Philadelphia Gas Works apparently doesn’t care who you if you’re not paying your utility bill. Just ask Philadelphia Mayor Michael “Yes My Last Name Is Actually” Nutter, who saw PGW place a lien on his home after his gas bill apparently went unpaid. [More]

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Man Who ‘Foreclosed’ On Wells Fargo Now Suing eBay For Mistakenly Shuttering His Store

If you can remember back to 2011, you might recall the story of Patrick Rodgers, the Philadelphia homeowner who successfully sued Wells Fargo over an error in his mortgage servicing — and then “foreclosed” on a neighborhood Wells branch when the bank didn’t make good on the judgement. Now Patrick’s back in the news with a suit against eBay, which he claims shut down his seller account over a case of mistaken identity. [More]

The Megabus driver talking to the police in Philadelphia this morning.

Megabus Oversells Tickets, Driver Calls Cops When Passengers Refuse To Give Up Seats

When a an air carrier sells too many tickets on a particular flight, it usually asks for volunteers to take later flights (in exchange for travel vouchers and other rewards, of course). What the airline doesn’t normally do is call the cops when it can’t resolve its own screw-up. Unfortunately, the airlines aren’t running Megabus. [More]

Trying To Pay Your Cab Fare With Marijuana Will Probably Not Go Over Well

Trying To Pay Your Cab Fare With Marijuana Will Probably Not Go Over Well

Many people who have taken taxis regularly enough have had to face that dreaded moment when you realize you don’t have enough cash — or you lost your wallet — and you won’t be able to pay the fare. There are ways to handle this, but offering the driver marijuana as barter is probably not the best idea. [More]


When You’re Getting Kicked Out Of Family Dollar, Don’t Ask Your 7-Year-Old To Pepper Spray The Employees

If you’re banned from a retail store, it’s probably best to avoid making a return visit. It’s certainly not a good idea to bring along your young children when you do pop by, and it’s definitely ill-advised to ask one of those children to use pepper spray on that store’s employees. [More]

Finally, an affordable piece of movie real estate history.

Usually if you want to buy a house featured in a famous movie, like The Godfather or Amityville Horror, you need to pony up seven figures. But the 3-bedroom, 1.5-bath South Philly rowhouse from Rocky II (aka, the one where Rocky finally wins) is up for sale for the completely reasonable price of $139,000. [via]


Hero Or Fool: Man Pays $200 To Appeal $26 Parking Ticket

Here in Philadelphia, parking tickets tend to appear out of nowhere, the Parking Authority’s army of ninja ticket-writers leaving their citations in silence. Many people just fork over the cash, even when the violation is bogus. But not one man, who was willing to spend money to prove his point. [More]


Comcast Now Charging Customers For Formerly Free Converter Boxes

Not so long ago, Comcast customers who had to upgrade to digital set-top boxes were provided up to two free digital-television adapters so they wouldn’t gave to trash their old analog sets. Now, folks who still have those DTAs will have to pay $1.99/month for the privilege. [More]

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With Planes And Trains Out Of Service, Dr. Pays $750 For Cab Ride From Philly To Boston

We’ve heard a number of stories in recent days of people whose flights or train trips between various cities in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic were canceled or delayed for days as a result of Hurricane Sandy. Many of them stuck it out, while others rented cars to get to their destinations. But one UK doctor chose to hail a cab to make the 300+ mile trip from Philadelphia to Boston. [More]

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Cosi Manager Wins Over Customers By Opening During Storm, Not Gouging

With Hurricane Sandy about to hop on the Atlantic City Expressway toward Philadelphia, many area stores opted for the better safe than sorry route and closed for the day. But one Cosi eatery in Center City won over some hospital employees by not only opening just for them, but by also not charging. [More]


Trademark Office Doesn’t See Difference Between A Philadelphia Cheesesteak And “Philadelphia’s Cheesesteak”

Just about every pizza place, diner, deli and sandwich shop here in Philadelphia will make you a cheesesteak, and while many claim to make the city’s best, only one has actually tried — unsuccessfully thus far — to trademark the phrase “Philadelphia’s Cheesesteak.” [More]

Man Spends $20,000 To Clean Up Vacant Lot, City Says He's A Trespasser

Man Spends $20,000 To Clean Up Vacant Lot, City Says He's A Trespasser

During the past few years, a Philadelphia developer and business owner says he’s been fined for un-shoveled snow, trash and other violations for a vacant lot (pictured, left) adjoining one of his properties — a vacant lot he doesn’t even own. But after he decided to spend his own money and time having 40 tons of debris removed from that same lot, the city claims he’s a trespasser. [More]

Madonna Booed For Showing Up 2.5 Hours Late For Own Concert

Madonna Booed For Showing Up 2.5 Hours Late For Own Concert

Concerts usually start later than the time on the ticket, but apparently 2.5 hours later (with only a DJ as your opening act) is a bit too late for the people of Philadelphia. The CBS affiliate in Philly is reporting that the crowd turned on Madonna when she finally took the stage at 10:30 pm (for an 8 pm show) but the boos were probably quieter than they could have been… because some concert-goers had already given up and left. [More]

Township Warns Good Samaritan Not To Feed Hungry Children Without Zoning Variance

Township Warns Good Samaritan Not To Feed Hungry Children Without Zoning Variance

A Philadelphia-area woman is learning that no good deed goes un-chastised, after being warned by local authorities that she could face steep fines if she continues to provide free meals to hungry children in her neighborhood. [More]