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More Readers Crunch The Numbers, Figure Out Pet Health Insurance Doesn’t Work Out So Well

Last week, we shared an account by reader Howard about his dog’s illness and the results of his decision to get a VPI pet health insurance policy. While health insurance is just that–insurance, not an investment vehicle–Howard and other readers have crunched the numbers and found that the policies are a worse deal than just sticking the money in the bank. [More]

Make Your Own Automatic Pet Feeder With A Litter Bucket And A Pie Tin

Make Your Own Automatic Pet Feeder With A Litter Bucket And A Pie Tin

Do you have pets who won’t eat an entire bag of kibble in one sitting? If so, your household might be a good candidate for an automatic pet feeder. What you might not realize is that you can make your own auto-feeder out of ordinary products that you probably have sitting around the house. [More]


Any pet owner knows the joyous feeling of bringing home your chosen perfect pooch, sweet cat or cuddly whathaveyou. But then there’s the feeling of finding out your precious toy poodle is actually a giant ferret, pumped up on steroids and groomed to resemble a dog. That feeling is one we might call, “horrified beyond comprehension,” which is likely how many pet owners are feeling in Argentina right now. [The Daily Mail]

Natura Pet Recalls Four Brands Of Cat And Dog Foods For Possible Salmonella Contamination

Natura Pet Recalls Four Brands Of Cat And Dog Foods For Possible Salmonella Contamination

It seems like only a week ago that we last shared with you the news of a pet food recall––because it was. This week, a kibble sample from Natura Pet turned up with salmonella bacteria, and the company has recalled a wide variety of cat and dog kibbles sold under the California Natural, Evo, Healthwise, and Innova brand names. [More]

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United Airlines Thinks Dog Would Rather Take A Trip To Ireland Than Fly To Phoenix

While plenty of people would love the chance to visit Ireland, land of at least four green fields and a rich cultural history, maybe sending a six-year-old dog on his own to the Emerald Isle isn’t a great idea. Especially when United Airlines was supposed to send the pooch, Hendrix, from Newark to Phoenix. [More]

Don't chew these!

February Food And Drug Recall Roundup – Antibiotic Pig Ear Edition

Chewy pig skins, chia seed treats, brownie mix, and herbal supplements that are a little too close to actual drugs: it’s all here, in the Food and Drug Edition of the Recall Roundup. [More]


When Cable Installer Accidentally Kills Your Pet Lizard, Can Anything Make Up For The Loss?

Over the years, we’ve heard complaints about cable techs and installers kicking holes in walls and leaving behind messes, but it’s incredibly rare — and genuinely heartbreaking — when the actions of an installer lead to the demise of a family pet. [More]


Accidental Pet Poisonings On The Rise: Keep Your Meds Out Of Rover’s Reach

My friend’s dog has a drug problem. If there are Nyquill gel caps anywhere in the apartment, she will seek them out and snarf down as many as she can. Which leads to said friend panicking and having to call pet poison control, pay $65 to discuss what happened and then mix up a dish of hydrogen peroxide and peanut butter per their instructions to make her throw up the meds. It’s not fun, and she’s not alone — a new study says accidental pet poisonings in the U.S. are on the rise. [More]

Most people have failed KTVI's Pick-the-Pit Bull test.

Does It Make Sense To Ban Pit Bulls When Most People Can’t Even Identify One?

Pit bull owners have long spoken out against the inaccurate portrayal of the dogs as vicious attack animals. Some municipalities have gone so far as to ban or highly regulate residents’ rights to own a pit bull. But a new poll shows most people can’t even correctly pick one out. [More]

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Now An Apartment Complex In Texas Is DNA-Testing Dog Poop

I often see canine leavings at the side of the road, and wonder which of my fellow dog owners left them behind. (It certainly isn’t the dog’s fault.) In recent years, homeowners’ associations and apartment complexes have answered this important question by requiring DNA samples from dogs living on the property. When staff find an abandoned pile, they match the DNA it contains to a resident dog, and fine the owner $250. [More]

Actual koala feces not guaranteed to sparkle.

This Fashion Doll Presents An Unrealistic Image Of Pet Ownership Where Animals Poop Jewels

Moxie Girlz are from MGA, the same company that brought us Bratz dolls. They’re like a softer version of Bratz, wearing less makeup, having slightly more human proportions, and they’re even fully clothed. [More]

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If You Don’t Want To Eat A Turkey, How About Getting One As A Pet?

Is there tofurkey destined for your dinner plate this Thanksgiving or are you looking forward to chowing down on the traditional bird? If you’re going the veggie-based route, maybe you’d be so inclined as to keep a turkey as a pet. While we’ll be eating 46 million of the birds across the country, a few hundred are making their way through the holiday as pets. [More]

Making Black Friday literal.

Animal Shelters Make ‘Black Friday’ Literal, Adopt Out Black Pets For Free

You may have noticed in the past few years that the staff and readers of this site are rather fond of animals. Specifically, cats, and the occasional dog. That’s why we wholeheartedly support a Black Friday promotion we can get behind that involves no doorbusters, no big-ticket item lines, and can even help you get rid of your leftover turkey this holiday weekend. We’re referring to the Black Friday weekend adoption promotions aimed at finding homes for black cats and dogs. [More]


L.A. Pet Shops Won’t Be Able To Sell Pets From Puppy Mills

Following similar bans by smaller municipalities in the U.S. and Canada, the Los Angeles City Council has tentatively adopted a ban on pet stores’ sales of many animals obtained from commercial breeders. [More]


Perhaps You Need A Monotasking Dog Treat Maker

Our archive is still down, but in the past we’ve shared with you George Foreman grill-like countertop appliances with very specific purposes. These include mini pie makers, donut makers, and cupcake makers. Now Sunbeam Pets is about to expand the monotasking across species with a new machine designed to make homemade dog treats right on the countertop. [More]

Two Dog Owners Speak Out About Pets Killed During United Flights

Two Dog Owners Speak Out About Pets Killed During United Flights

Two dog owners from different parts of the country have spoken out against United Airlines this week, telling news outlets that the airline broke its promises of pet safety while they took cross-country flights with their dogs in cargo. Both dogs were young: a golden retriever and a Neapolitan Mastiff, each only two years old. [More]

Vet's Office Says Shopping Online Endangers My Pet, Won't Approve Prescription

Vet's Office Says Shopping Online Endangers My Pet, Won't Approve Prescription

Pets are excellent companions. The Consumerist K-9 Unit is snuggled up against me right now as I type this. But keeping your kritters healthy and parasite-free can get expensive. Sean just adopted a new puppy (pictured at left) and shopped around for a heartworm and flea preventative medication. That’s common enough, and a number of sites offer the products. What was unusual was that the vet’s office refused to fill the prescription, saying that they were happy to price match the online price (that’s good) and that he was taking his pup’s life in his hands by purchasing medications online, since they could be expired or counterfeit or poisonous or who knows what? [More]

1,600 Turtles Break Out Of Farm, Slowly Crawl To Freedom

1,600 Turtles Break Out Of Farm, Slowly Crawl To Freedom

It’s like a real-life version of the movie “Chicken Run,” only without Mel Gibson and much, much slower. Near Summerville, Georgia, there is a turtle farm. Thousands of adult turtles, all native species to the southern United States, live in ponds on the property. Thanks to vandals or scrap metal thieves, breaks in the fence have allowed the turtles to wander off the property, taking up residence in surrounding waterways. The operation is something like a hatchery, and about 1,600 of the 2,200 turtles that form its breeding stock have run away. [More]