Petition Demands Big Banks Give Consumers Back Our Right To Sue

Since 2011, when the U.S. Supreme Court affirmed that it was perfectly okay for companies to take away a consumer’s right to sue — and their ability to join other wronged consumers in a class action — by inserting a paragraph or two of text deep in lengthy, unchangeable contracts, the rush has been on for almost every major retailer, wireless provider, cable company, and financial institution to slap these mandatory binding arbitration clauses into their customer agreements. Now one petition is gathering signatures, calling on the nation’s largest banks to put an end to the practice. [More]

Go talk to Congress.

White House Responds To Petition Asking For Direct-To-Consumer Tesla Sales In All 50 States

While the White House will respond to any We The People petition over 100,000 signatures, that doesn’t mean that the answer is always going to be something petitioners want to hear. And in the case of the 138,469 who wanted the administration to prevent sales from banning direct-to-consumer auto sales from companies like Tesla, that reply is pretty much, “Can’t do it, that’s Congress’ thing.” [More]


White House Wants FCC To Support Net Neutrality, Won’t Order It To Reclassify Broadband ISPs

The White House today issued a response to a petition asking the Obama administration to intervene with the FCC to preserve net neutrality. Although the response “reaffirms” and “strongly supports” the administration’s commitment to net neutrality, that support does not extend to telling the FCC what to do. [More]

Congressional Democrats Propose Legislation To Preserve Net Neutrality

Congressional Democrats Propose Legislation To Preserve Net Neutrality

Net neutrality may be dead since a court overturned it in January, but legislators are trying to resurrect it as quickly as possible. [More]

87,000 People Petition McDonald’s To Put Veggie Burgers On Menu

87,000 People Petition McDonald’s To Put Veggie Burgers On Menu

In spite of the salads on the menu, most fast food eateries cater to omnivores. I remember working with a vegetarian who would (willingly, mind you) go with me and my fellow co-workers to local fast food joints and order cheeseburgers without the meat, content to eat just the bun and cheese slices. Perhaps, all these years later, she’s one of the nearly 90,000 people who have signed a petition asking McDonald’s to put veggie burgers on the menu. [More]

Grandmother Of Poisoned Boy Asks Procter & Gamble To Stop Making Tide Pods Look Like Delicious Candy

Grandmother Of Poisoned Boy Asks Procter & Gamble To Stop Making Tide Pods Look Like Delicious Candy

Since their introduction in 2012, Tide detergent pods have been a lightning rod for controversy. Initially packaged in clear plastic, candy jar-like container, the glossy, orange, blue and white pods tempted an alarming number of children into taste-testing them. Procter & Gamble, the makers of Tide, have subsequently made the packaging opaque and more secure, but one woman who says her grandson almost died after biting into a Tide pod says more can be done to make the product less yummy-looking to children. [More]


More Than 286K People Ask McDonald’s To Stop Franchisees From Paying Employees With Debit Cards

A month after an ex-McDonald’s worker in Pennsylvania sued her former employers because they required that all employees receive their pay via a fee-laden Chase prepaid debit card, she has put together a petition asking McDonald’s leadership to put an end to the practice at McDonald’s nationwide. [More]


Petition Asks Kraft To Stop Using Controversial Dyes In Its Macaroni & Cheese

For anyone who grew up in the United States of Cheese-Loving America, Kraft’s Macaroni & Cheese likely made at least a few appearances on the plate at mealtimes. Picky kids are often convinced to eat dinner just at the sight of the bright orange noodles in various shapes and it’s a better alternative than say, 30 packets of ketchup or whatever else they want to eat. But two of the yellow dyes used in the product have been banned in Europe, prompting two bloggers to petition Kraft to stop using those additives. [More]

The petition asks Victoria's Secret to consider making a line of bras for women who have had a mastectomy.

Daughter Of Breast-Cancer Survivor Petitions Victoria’s Secret To Create Nice Bras For Women With Mastectomies

After decades of watching her cancer-survivor mother struggle to find bras that fit, and those bras were either cheap and purely functional or incredibly expensive. So she’s called on Victoria’s Secret to see if the company can make mastectomy bras that look good, fit, and don’t break the bank. [More]

The purple Easy-Bake Oven that inspired the petition.

Petition Results In Hasbro Introducing Gender-Neutral Easy-Bake Oven

We know you’ve all been following the saga of one teen’s attempt to convince Hasbro to make a less-purple version of its famous Easy Bake Oven that her brother wouldn’t be embarrassed to use. It looks like her meeting with the toy company went well, as we’ll soon see a new version of the toy oven on the market. [More]


Cancer Patient Says Wells Fargo Evicted Her In Spite Of Court Order; Wells Fargo Says It’s Not To Blame

According to a petition that now has more than 114,000 signatures, a breast cancer patient in California claims that Wells Fargo and the sheriff evicted her from her home of 20 years at gunpoint. Meanwhile, the bank says it wasn’t involved in the [More]

Wells Fargo Pushes Pause On Foreclosure As Petition Nears 150,000 Signatures

Wells Fargo Pushes Pause On Foreclosure As Petition Nears 150,000 Signatures

Yesterday, we told you about the California woman who was trying to save the house she’d inherited when her mother passed away, but who claims she is facing foreclosure because the bank refuses to deal with anyone other than her late mom. Since then, more than 120,000 additional people have signed the daughter’s petition and the attention has moved Wells Fargo to put things on hold for a moment. [More]

AT&T Customers Petition CEO To Stop Throttling Unlimited Data Plans

The battle over the word “unlimited” has begun, as AT&T customers are fighting back against the Death Star’s throttling of so-called “data hogs,” even though available info shows that most of these people are using completely reasonable amounts of data for owners of unlimited plans. [More]

More Than 250,000 People Petition Apple For Better Conditions At iPhone Factory

Foxconn is the world’s largest electronics manufacturing company, assembling devices for just about every major company, from Apple to Microsoft to Sony to Nintendo. It has come under fire in recent years, following reports of poor working conditions and employee suicides. Concerned that their favorite products might be being produced in such an unfriendly environment, more than 250,000 Apple users have signed two petitions asking that company to improve conditions at Foxconn. [More]

Target Ignores Its Own Ban, Lets Petitioners Annoy Shoppers

Target Ignores Its Own Ban, Lets Petitioners Annoy Shoppers

Target has a ban on any sort of petitioning or fund-raising activities in front of its stores, even in California, but G says that yesterday he went to the Target in Vallejo, CA and ran into a group of petitioners at the entrance (see photos). [More]

Should ISPs Be Required To Forward Email?

Should ISPs Be Required To Forward Email?

The government is weighing whether ISPs should be required to forward email after customers switch providers. Freelance writer Gail Mortenson filed a petition with the FCC claiming that she lost business because AOL and Time Warner refused to forward her emails for six months. The FCC doesn’t seem overly interested in the petition, but Chairman Henry Waxman (D-CA) of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee is watching closely to see how the FCC proceeds.

French Burger King Fans Unite!

French Burger King Fans Unite!