The FTC launched a new tool today that aims to make it easier for consumers to recover from identity theft.

FTC Rolls Out Interactive Resource For Victims Of Identity Theft

With seemingly daily reports of new data breaches and related scams, it’s no secret that identity theft is now more of a concern than ever. In an effort to help victims work their way through the process of restoring and protecting their identities, the Federal Trade Commission has launched a new online interactive tool. [More]


Nearly 70 Million Americans Had Their Personal Information Compromised In 2014

Given the sheer number of high-profile data breaches in recent years, and the varying levels of personal information stolen, it can be difficult to quantify how many American consumers were affected. A new survey tries to answer the questions of how many people have had their info stolen (a lot) and what consumers are doing to protect themselves (not much). [More]

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Digital Privacy And Parental Rights Act Would Put Restrictions On The Use Of Student Data Online

Students are more dependent than ever on technology and the Internet for their education, but those same apps and online learning tools that help educate them could be putting their personal information at risk if shared improperly. Nearly a month after it was first expected, a pair of U.S. representatives have introduced a bill aiming to restrict third-party use of students’ sensitive personal data. [More]

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The Other Danger Of Online Payday Loans: Identity Theft

Many people who seek online payday loans are already in a very vulnerable position when they take on the added risk of the excessive interest rates and often exorbitant fees associated with these short-term loans. But there’s another danger possibly lurking in the payday shadows: Having all their personal and financial data end up in the hands of cyber criminals. [More]

Your Personal Data Could Be For Sale In RadioShack Bankruptcy Auction

Your Personal Data Could Be For Sale In RadioShack Bankruptcy Auction

Have you handed your name, address, e-mail address, or phone number over to RadioShack as part of a purchase or, inexplicably, when you returned an item that you bought with cash? As the bankruptcy auction of the smoldering remains of The Shack continues into its second day, we’ve learned that one of the assets for sale is RadioShack’s customer list, which includes more than 65 million mailing addresses and more than 13 million e-mail addresses. Update: The bankruptcy auction’s privacy ombudsman says that customer information isn’t for sale. Yet. [More]

Health Insurer Premera Blue Cross Latest Hack Victim, 11M Consumers Affected

Health Insurer Premera Blue Cross Latest Hack Victim, 11M Consumers Affected

Just a month after tens of millions of consumers’ personal information was breached in the hack of health insurance firm Anthem, another U.S.-based insurance provider says it was the victim of a cyber attack affecting as many as 11 million customers. [More]


IRS Impersonation Scam Is Largest In History, Cost Consumers $15.5M

The 2015 tax season has been fraught with complications, from the fraudulent use of tax returns to the “dirty dozen” scams meant to tear consumers away from their money. During a Senate Finance Committee hearing exploring ways in which consumers could better be protected from such hustles, federal investigators divulged more information about one of the most prevalent tax-time scams in recent years, saying it has now targeted 366,000 taxpayers to the tune of $15.5 million. [More]

Anthem Hack Included Personal Information For 78.8 Million Customers & Employees

Anthem Hack Included Personal Information For 78.8 Million Customers & Employees

Nearly three weeks removed from the detection of a massive data breach, health insurer Anthem Inc. is releasing more details about the scope of the hack, including the fact that personal information for about 78.8 million was compromised. [More]

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IRS Issues List Of “Dirty Dozen” Scams Taxpayers Should Be On The Lookout For This Year

Each tax season fraudsters manage to separate taxpayers from billions of dollars by using aggressive schemes such as impersonating Internal Revenue Service agents or employing emails and websites designed to gather consumers’ personal information for fraudulent use. This year, the IRS has issued a list of the “Dirty Dozen” scams consumers should guard against. [More]

IBM Report: Workers Using Dating Apps On Company Phones May Pose Security Risks


Whether you have a company-issued phone or you use your won for both work and play, finding love through dating apps on your device may increase the risk of a security breach for your employer, a new report from IBM says. [More]

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Morgan Stanley Fires Employee Accused Of Stealing Data From Up To 350K Clients, Posting Some Info Online

Another day, another bank reveals that client information was leaked where it shouldn’t have gone leaking: Morgan Stanley notified authorities and fired an employee accused of stealing data from up to 350,000 wealth-management clients and allegedly posting some of that information online. [More]

A Colorado woman's Home Depot order came packaged with highly sensitive financial documents belonging to other people.

Woman Receives Home Depot Package With Fire Starter, Tons Of Shredded Checks, Bank Statements

A Colorado woman got more than she bargained for when ordering a fire starter for Home Depot: A box full of other people’s shredded checks and bank statements. [More]

Fandango, Credit Karma Apps Allegedly Put Consumers’ Personal Information At Risk

Fandango, Credit Karma Apps Allegedly Put Consumers’ Personal Information At Risk

Pop quiz time! What do Fandango and Credit Karma have in common? Yes, they both have really catchy (or annoying) advertisements. But that’s not the answer we were looking for. Give up? Okay, here it is: both companies allegedly deceived millions of consumers and put their personal information at risk. We never said it was a good thing to have in common. [More]

OfficeMax Addresses Junk Mail To Dad Of ‘Daughter Killed In Car Crash’

OfficeMax Addresses Junk Mail To Dad Of ‘Daughter Killed In Car Crash’

No one likes junk mail. It’s annoying, we agree. We never imagined one simple piece of mail could cause a family pain and trauma, but it did last week. An Illinois man received what at first appeared to be an ordinary mailing from OfficeMax, except under his name was the line “daughter killed in car crash”. [More]

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FTC Initiative Wants You To “Reclaim Your Name” From Big Data Brokers

We all know that there are companies out there sucking up consumers’ information and selling it — sometimes to people or entities they shouldn’t — but what no one really knows is exactly who has that data. While there are a few ways for consumers to check activity data on specific sites, there’s no catch-all resource for people to go to and see what their name/info is up to. The Federal Trade Commission wants to change that with a “Reclaim Your Name” proposal. [More]


Luggage Tag Already Filled Out With Contact Info Of Customer Who Didn’t Actually Buy The Bag

Things get returned to retailers and sent back out to other customers. It happens. What isn’t supposed to happen is that one customer gets the item with all of the personal information of the person who returned it. That’s what happened to reader Justin when he bought some luggage for his wife from, the retailer formerly known as, that had a tag filled out with the information of a stranger. [More]


California Bill Seeks To Give Consumers Access To All That Personal Data Companies Are Mining

We all know (or should know) by now that there’s a whole lot of information about us floating out there on the Internet. Companies like Facebook, Twitter, Google and others are busy collecting that info from data brokers and using it in ways seen and unseen. But it’s hard to put a finger on just what about you these companies have, something a new bill called the Right to Know Act is seeking to change in California. [More]