Prisoners Will Soon Be Eligible For Pell Grants To Finance Education

Prisoners Will Soon Be Eligible For Pell Grants To Finance Education

Twenty years after passing a law that banned prisoners from financing higher education with federal grants while incarcerated, the government is ready to begin investing in the education of inmates. [More]

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College Students Leaving $3B In Grant Money Unclaimed By Not Filing FAFSA

College students and financial supporters of college students: Remember when we told you at the end of the year that you needed to get your Free Application for Federal Student Aid in ASAP? Maybe you pinned it on the cork board in the kitchen or made a mental note that disappeared as soon as you had to remember the finer points of the infield fly rule. It’s because people didn’t get around to filing their FAFSA that there are billions of dollars in unclaimed grant money just sitting around gathering dust like that post-it note on which you wrote “File FAFSA. Buy bread.” [More]

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Deal To Keep The Government Running Cuts $303M From Pell Grant Program

Congress’ deal to keep the federal government up and running may be coming at the expense of some of the nation’s poorest prospective college students. The spending package is poised to cut $303 million from the Pell Grant program. [More]


Feds And Colleges Now Blacklisting Student-Aid Scammers

More than 12 million U.S. college students applied for federal aid for the school year starting this fall, but around 126,000 of these applicants have been flagged by schools and the government as potential scammers looking to cash aid checks without ever intending to get an education. [More]

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Law Would Forbid Colleges From Using Federal Money For Advertising

The nation’s 15 largest for-profit colleges get nearly 90% of their annual revenue from federal aid programs for students. New legislation introduced in the U.S. Senate today would prevent any of that money being used on advertising, marketing and recruitment. [More]

Bush Will Sign Bill Increasing Pell Grant Funding

Bush Will Sign Bill Increasing Pell Grant Funding

In a not-too-surprising announcement after all the recent bad news about student loan firms—and in an apparent “victory” for both Bush and Congress—the White House said today that President Bush intends to sign into law a bill that reduces federal subsidies to those firms, including Sallie Mae, by $20.9 billion over the next five years, and will instead use that money to increase funding for Pell Grants (which recipients don’t have to pay back).