Dunkin’ Donuts Sticks Marshmallow Peeps On Donuts, Calls It Breakfast

If you really need to get moving in the morning, try the new seasonal offering from Dunkin’ Donuts: flower-shaped donuts with a layer of colorful frosting, topped with a marshmallow Peep. You could also call it a sugar-coated pastry with a sugar-encrusted sugar blob on top. “As America’s donut leader, we are always seeking new and innovative donut varieties to help our guests celebrate special moments and occasions,” Dunkin’ Brands Executive Chef Stan Frankenthaler says in a press release, because of course Dunkin’ Donuts has an executive chef.

Peep Circle of Life

Always wondered how marshmallow Peeps are made? Wonder no more. Two billion of the marshmallow critters come out of the production lines in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania every year, most of them for the Easter rush. From start to finish, it takes six minutes for the machinery to make a Peep. [NY Daily News]

The Story Behind Easter Candy Favorite: Peeps!

The Story Behind Easter Candy Favorite: Peeps!

Let’s take a moment, and put down that 11th Peep to be smushed into your mouth today, to consider the rich history of Easter’s favorite marshmallowy, sugar-coated bird (or bunny or other various springtime shape). [More]