This Is The Future, And We Can Track Domino’s Pizzas From Our Wrist Computers

This Is The Future, And We Can Track Domino’s Pizzas From Our Wrist Computers

It was almost seven years ago that Domino’s introduced its Pizza Tracker, an online feature that lets customer keep track of what is happening with their pizzas right now, to within under a minute. In case you wondered what kind of glorious era we’re living in, the Tracker is now available for the Pebble smartwatch, meaning that you don’t even need to sit down at a computer to learn that your pizza is entering the oven right now. [More]

Is it really "Pebble time," Pebble?

Pebble Has Enough Watches For Best Buy, But Not For All Preorders & Kickstarter Backers

Upon posting the news on this site that Best Buy had inked an exclusive deal to sell Pebble’s E-paper watches, we started hearing more than a rumble from our readers who had pre-ordered the watch as either a Kickstarter backer or during the general pre-sale. They wanted to know how Pebble had enough watches to stock Best Buy’s shelves, but not to send to those who had been waiting for months or even a year since ordering them. [More]

Email my wrist, please.

Pebble Makes The Move From Crowdfunders’ Darling To Exclusive Deal With Best Buy

Pebble’s smartwatches are a classic David and Goliath story: A product that only exists online but is beloved by the masses (as evidenced in $10 million in backing funds on Kickstarter) rises to the front lines to take on the big box retailers in the physical world. Well, it would be a classic story if instead of slaying Goliath, David shook hands with him and put on a blue Best Buy shirt.  [More]