Evenflo Recalls Maestro Car Seat After Failing Consumer
Reports Test

Evenflo Recalls Maestro Car Seat After Failing Consumer Reports Test

After a crash test commissioned by our test-happy kin at Consumer Reports on the Evenflo Maestro Combination Booster Seat showed the product could experience a failure that could lead to severe injury for a child passenger, the company has announced a voluntary recall. [More]

Ticketmaster Is Evil And Must Die

Ticketmaster Is Evil And Must Die

Ticketmaster is an evil monopoly that steals cash from defenseless consumers. They are infinitely more evil than their hated 30% surcharge would suggest, and they must be destroyed.

Tell The FCC, Congress To Support Net Neutrality

Tell The FCC, Congress To Support Net Neutrality

Net neutrality advocates are gathering momentum to take Comcast to the woodshed for an old fashioned populist beating. Comcast believes that deliberately destroying connections to the popular communications protocol BitTorrent amounts to “reasonable network management,” which the FCC permits. Advocates figure if they can’t ride the net neutrality pony to Congressional passage now, it will forever lie dormant in the stable munching on BitTorrent packet hay.

AT&T Censors Pearl Jam

AT&T Censors Pearl Jam

“[The muting was] a major mistake by a webcast vendor and completely contrary to our policy. We are working closely with the vendor and the band to post the song in its entirety on this site and ensure that this does not happen again.”

Dear Diary: Today I Went to Best Buy

Gus went shopping today at Best Buy and decided to write us. It’s not a rant, not necessarily a complaint and probably won’t make you a better person.