Verizon CFO: Getting Rid Of Phone Subsidies Is A Mistake

Verizon CFO: Getting Rid Of Phone Subsidies Is A Mistake

While T-Mobile and AT&T have, to different degrees, begun to acknowledge that a growing number of consumers want pricing transparency and affordable ways to buy phones that could be taken from one carrier’s network to another, Verizon remains set in its old-school ways. [More]

This sea lion may not be getting the tastiest salmon by choosing wild fish over farmed. ( photo bypwrplantgirl)

Salmon From Costco, Trader Joe’s Beat Out Fancy, Expensive Fish In Taste Test

The Washington Post recently provided a top chef with a variety of wild and farmed salmon, ranging in price from $6/lb. to $20/lb., and had him prepare dishes for a table of food-snob judges. In the end, farmed salmon handily defeat the wild stuff and the Post concluded that you don’t always get what you pay for. [More]