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Oregon Testing Pay-Per-Mile System As An Alternative To State’s Gas Tax

With more fuel-efficient vehicles and hybrid cars hitting the roads every day and requiring less gas, some states are looking into how they can still collect enough money from drivers to keep maintain their roads and bridges. Oregon is one such state, with a new test program that allows volunteers to pay the state not for the amount of fuel they buy at the pump with a gas tax, but for how many miles they drive. [More]

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Senators Chastise Govt. For Making Money Off Struggling Student Loan Borrowers, Not Offering Enough Relief

For several years now the government has offered federal student loan forgiveness programs aimed at helping borrowers to avoid defaulting on their debts. While recent reports have shown that the popularity of the programs has exceeded expectations, a group of six senators say the Department of Education could do more given the billions of dollars in payments it receives from federal loans each year. [More]

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Federal Student Loan Forgiveness Plans Cost Govt. Nearly $22B More Than Expected

Last spring, legislators and researchers began voicing concerns that federal student loan forgiveness plans could become a victim of their own success. This week, we learned just how successful – and costly – such program are; information that once again created a chorus of concerns regarding the sustainability of such programs. [More]

Pre-Paid Cellphones Aren't Just For Losers Anymore!

Pre-Paid Cellphones Aren't Just For Losers Anymore!

Hey, did you know that people who don’t use their cellphone very often can save money by switching to a pre-paid cellphone plan? They’re not just for people who can’t get regular cellphones anymore! In fact, many smart, frugal people avoid contact hassles and save money by getting a pre-paid phone.

Get 75% Off Your ATT ETF By Switching To Pay-As-You-Go

Get 75% Off Your ATT ETF By Switching To Pay-As-You-Go

If arguing for completely getting out of your AT&T early-termination-fee isn’t your thing, you can try doing what Felix did and get 75% off it.