A patent for new airplane seats shows the middle seat turned around in an attempt to increase arm and shoulder space.

Just Looking At This Airplane Seat Design Patent Makes Us Uncomfortable

Airlines and aircraft manufactures are continuously looking for new ways to pack passengers into planes like sardines. From installing narrower seats to exploring the idea of bicycle-like perches , there appears to be no end to what might be considered to maximize capacity on flights. The latest concept: a seating design that takes the already awful experience of being stuck in the middle seat and makes it worse… so much worse. [More]

A recently awarded Google patent includes depictions of a new hand-triggered camera function that could be included in  future versions of Google Glass.

New Google Glass Could Reportedly Have Larger Display, Hand-Triggered Photo Capabilities

Citing the need for a redesign – and slow sales for its Explorers program – Google stopped selling the most recent version of its Google Glass back in January. While the company declined to provide any specifics on its next version of the device at the time, a newly awarded patent – and sources close to the device’s creation – give a few hints of what might be in store for the high-tech gadget. [More]

Creative Sues Apple, Claims They Created MP3 Menus

Creative Sues Apple, Claims They Created MP3 Menus

Could patent law be any more absurd? Perhaps we’re on the wrong end of it, but it seems that the only tangible result of modern patent law is a string of nuisance lawsuits in which one company attempts to rob consumers of a product they enjoy by suing a company that has made an ostensibly similar competing device. Re: Blackberry. But now, Creative vs. Apple.