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Panera Also Serves Up Real Pumpkin In Its Lattes, Keeps Fructose-Laden Soft Drinks

Yesterday, the news broke from Starbucks’ global flavored-espresso-beverage headquarters that the coffee chain would be changing its recipe for the classic pumpkin spice latte, and the world was filled with joy or something. But bakery-cafe Panera was feeling left out: they’ve offered a pumpkin spice latte for almost as long as Starbucks, and their version has always included a small amount of real pumpkin. [More]

Customer Claims Panera Soup Came With A Side Of Razor Blade

Customer Claims Panera Soup Came With A Side Of Razor Blade

When ordering a cup or bowl of soup from Panera Bread most people would prefer to have a roll or chunk of baguette accompanying their meal. But a Florida woman says her soup came with something extra on a recent lunch trip to the restaurant: a razor blade. [More]

Chick-fil-A, Chipotle Lead In Customer Satisfaction Survey, McDonald’s Brings Up The Rear… Again

Chick-fil-A, Chipotle Lead In Customer Satisfaction Survey, McDonald’s Brings Up The Rear… Again

By now we’re well aware that McDonald’s has struggled to attract and keep new customers in recent years, leading to an all-out overhaul of the fast-food powerhouse. The Golden Arches’ trouble is perhaps most evident this week, as the company clocked in dead last among competition in the American Customer Satisfaction Index, yet again. [More]


Panera Bread Dropping Nearly 150 Artificial Ingredients From Menu This Year

Panera Bread’s plan to remove food additives from its menu appears to be taking shape, with the restaurant announcing today that it plans to remove at least 150 artificial ingredients from its menu in the coming months. [More]

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Panera Bread Wants To Tape Its Employees While They Make Your Food

Over the years video footage of fast food kitchens has surfaced showing employees doing some not-so-pleasant things. But Panera Bread is hoping its own foray into behind-the-scenes footage translates into more accurately prepared meals. [More]


Can New McDonald’s CEO Turn Tide Against Antibiotic Abuse In Farm Animals?

Since the Food and Drug Administration won’t set down hard-and-fast rules on non-medical antibiotic use in farm animals, it’s up to the farmers and the companies who buy the most meat to make a change that will cut down on the use of drugs that result in bigger cows, pigs, and chickens, but also put us all at risk for drug-resistant pathogens. [More]


Florida Panera Customers Sent To The Hospital After Pepper Spray Incident

Generally when you think of a group of customers getting sick while visiting a restaurant, your mind automatically goes to the food. But that’s not always the case, as evidenced by a recent pepper spray incident at a Sarasota Panera. [More]


Panera CEO Asks Customers To Leave Guns At Home

Following the lead of Starbucks, Chipotle, Target, and others, sandwich chain Panera is asking that customers please refrain from bringing firearms into their restaurants, but says it won’t stop people from doing so where it’s legal. [More]

Coffee Rankings Are Personal, But In Wi-Fi Starbucks Beats McDonald’s And Panera Hands-Down

Coffee Rankings Are Personal, But In Wi-Fi Starbucks Beats McDonald’s And Panera Hands-Down

Heading out for some breakfast and a cup of coffee? Excellent. For quality food and drink, your choices are wide, wide open. But if what you really want is some sweet free Wi-Fi, you may want to skip that chocolate chip bagel from Panera and head across the street to Starbucks for a frappuccino instead. [More]

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Colorado, Florida Residents Really Love “Fast Casual” Restaurants

“Fast casual” is that vague food industry term for eateries that nicer than your typical fast food joint but aren’t really what you would consider sit-down restaurants. They’re the kind of place where you often get lunch at a counter, but the food and service are generally better [Think Chipotle or Panera]. It’s been a growth segment in an industry that’s been somewhat flat in recent years, and according to a new survey, six of the 10 most dense fast casual populations are in either Colorado or Florida. [More]

The original Panera Cares opened in 2010, in Clayton, MO.

Panera Expanding Pay-What-You-Want Model To All Of St. Louis, But Only On One Item

It’s been three years since sandwich chain Panera opened its first pay-what-you-want eatery, where customers can disregard the listed menu price and pay what they can afford or what they feel the meal is worth. The company soon added others in a handful in other cities. Now the eatery says it is expanding the model to all 48 Paneras in and around St. Louis, though it will only involve one menu item. [More]

Mmm, chicken.

How Do Restaurants Publicize Their Secret Menus?

If you’re trying to cut back on your carbohydrate intake, a quick-serve restaurant with the word “Bread” in its name probably isn’t one of your top choices for lunch. What if you knew that the chain Panera has a whole special menu for people like you, full of chicken, steak, hummus, and avocados, without a crumb of bread in sight? Only you probably don’t know, because the dishes are on a not-very-secret secret menu that Panera introduced last year. [More]

Shot of my sandwich at the same angle

Quick-Serve Ads Vs. Reality: Panera Roasted Turkey And Cranberry Sandwich

Anderson tried a seasonal offering at Panera, the Roasted Turkey and Cranberry sandwich. The promotional photos made it look appetizing, but the sandwich that ended up on Anderson’s plate wasn’t. We know that speed is really important at Panera, and maybe this is just a hastily-assembled meal. Anderson decided to throw it away, leave the Panera, and then complain online. This plan was somewhat flawed. [More]


Some Residents Claim Pay-What-You-Can Panera Is Hurting Neighborhood

Over the last couple years, the folks at Panera have slowly been expanding their pay-what-you-can Panera Cares eateries beyond the initial experiment in Missouri. But the latest Panera Cares, located in Chicago’s Lakeview neighborhood, is drawing some jeers from local residents who say the restaurant is attracting an undesirable element. [More]

Brooklyn Restaurant To Try "Pay What You Want" Model

Brooklyn Restaurant To Try "Pay What You Want" Model

The restaurant business is incredibly risky, especially in a city like New York with its fickle diners and over-the-top overhead costs. But that’s not stopping a restaurant in Brooklyn from going ahead with plans to try out the whole “pay what you want” model for a month. [More]

Panera Planning To Add More Pay-What-You-Want Restaurants

Panera Planning To Add More Pay-What-You-Want Restaurants

A month ago, Panera Bread Co. opened its first non-profit, pay-what-you-can-afford eatery, called the Saint Louis Bread Company Cares Café, in Clayton, MO. And the restaurant chain’s chairman is so happy with the results, the company plans to launch two more in the coming months. [More]

Customer "Damn," Your Order Is Ready

Customer "Damn," Your Order Is Ready

Dan’s name is Dan, but Panera seems to have heard differently, as evidenced by this receipt. “We all had a good laugh,” Damn, oh damn, I mean, Dan, writes. [More]

Panera Bread Customer Service Rises To The Occasion

Panera Bread Customer Service Rises To The Occasion

On 8/26/08 I stopped by my local Panera Bread [in Waterloo Iowa] after work to pick up dinner for my wife and I. We’ve always been very pleased with the level of service and quality of food we’ve received from Panera in the past. Last night however was a slightly different experience…