Morning Deals Round-Up

• No man—and few women—has failed to marvel at the power of the floor jack. Own your own Craftsman 2 1/4 ton floor jack with jack stands for just $27.50. Pick up from Sears only. [via SlickDeals] Actually Understocked, Manned by Soulless Robots

It’s all about the “Oh damn, you’re screwed” for Heather who tried to buy some perfume for her girlfriend (yes, that kind of girlfriend). She could’ve gone down the road to the department store but was enticed by the online retailer’s promise to have it delivered on time for Valentine’s day. Needless to say, it didn’t happen. She took her case to Overstock’s customer service chat bots who display an extremely disarming and hilarious void of concern for her angst and their fumble. Full transcript, as posted to Craigslist: Portland, after the jump.

Consumers Speak: Rug Burns

Dean writes:

My wife and I ordered a large rug from on 10/31/05 and received it a week later. The rug was very nice, but not the color we ordered. We requested an exchange for the right color, but were told that due to “warehouse issues” they could not make an exchange, but they would give a refund once the rug was received and we could then purchase the correct rug. Since that time, we have spent over two months attempting to return the rug and receive a refund.’s Patrick Byrne Leaks Own Interview’s Patrick Byrne Leaks Own Interview

Following the ins-and-outs of business is not our forte, but we continue to be enraptured by the kooky CEO of, Patrick Byrne. After making a call to investors where he assured them that he was not, among other things, a Jedi, he’s now followed up by publishing an email interview with Business Week’s e-Business editor Tim Mullaney—before the Business Week article has been published.’s Patrick Byrne: Not Gay, Not Coked Out, Not a Jedi’s Patrick Byrne: Not Gay, Not Coked Out, Not a Jedi’s CEO Patrick Byrne is a man who enjoys his crazy in bulk. Although the company continues to grow year-to-year, Byrne is doing his best to dissuade investors from giving him any of their money to burn.

Morning Deals Round-Up

• It involves a rebate—a big, $150 one no less—but when you can pick up a TiVo Series 2 40-hour DVR for just $12, it might be worth the trouble. Dealhack has the coupon codes and rebate information. The discounts also apply to the larger-hour versions.