Comcast will show users the months in which they have gone over the 300GB data cap.

Comcast Tests Data Overage Fees In Additional Markets

In May 2012, Comcast announced it would eventually do away with its policy of throttling data speeds for home Internet users who routinely went over 250GB a month, and that it would instead start charging overage fees for customers who passed the 300GB threshold. The boys from Kabletown had been testing that model out in Nashville for quite some time, and now that test is expanding to at least three other markets. [More]

T-Mobile Considers Ditching "Unlimited" In Favor Of Charging
Overage Fees

T-Mobile Considers Ditching "Unlimited" In Favor Of Charging Overage Fees

We recently asked readers if they thought that T-Mobile’s unlimited data plans are actually unlimited if they still begin throttling your download speed after a certain threshold. An overwhelming number of you said “no.” Now a newly leaked document shows that T-Mobile is looking to possibly ditch at least one unlimited-but-throttled plan to go with the limited-then-pay-overage-fees model. [More]