(Laura Northrup)

Key Lime Pie Oreos Exist, Because We Needed Another Summer Novelty Oreo Flavor

Sure, sure, you can make a alleged faux Key Lime pie out of crushed-up Oreos, flavored gelatin, and whipped non-dairy topping, but why would you do that when you can have an entirely different Oreo-infested simulation of the actual pie? [More]

Caramel Apple Oreos Arrive In Target Stores Today

Caramel Apple Oreos Arrive In Target Stores Today

Is caramel apple the new pumpkin spice? It could be: when Americans reach the level of pumpkin spice fatigue, they’ll be looking for new, non-orange but still fall-themed snacks. Starting today, you can pick up Caramel Apple flavored Oreos…only at Target. [More]