Taking Upskirt Photos Of Teen Girls In Target Is Legal In Oregon, Says Court

There are many reasons that you should never skulk around Target, or any other store, trying to sneak upskirt photos of female shoppers, let alone teenage girls; it’s vulgar, invasive, and inarguably immoral; not to mention the fact that every instinct tells you that it must be illegal. But according to an Oregon court, it doesn’t run afoul of state laws. [More]

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Can You Make Good Beer With Sewer Water? Oregon Company Says Yes You Can

A water treatment company in Oregon says that it does such a good job of cleaning sewage that the resulting clean water could be used for human consumption rather than just irrigation and similar other purposes permitted by state law. And to prove their point, they are asking the state to let them provide brewers with recycled water for the brewing of beer. [More]

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Voters In Oregon, Alaska, Washington D.C. Legalize Marijuana

Break out the celebratory brownies: Alaska, Oregon and D.C. are joining the ranks Washington State and Colorado, after residents had their say in last night’s vote and legalized marijuana where they live, in varying degrees. [More]

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Oregon Proposes Smoking Ban For All 362 Miles Of Its Coastline

Any beachgoers that enjoy puffing away on a cigarette while they sit on the sand or frolic in the surf may have to get their nicotine fix elsewhere, as Oregon has proposed a ban on smoking that would include all 362 miles of beaches on its coastline. [More]

Oregonians Get Another Chance To Vote On Recreational Marijuana Come This November

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For the last two years, Oregonians in favor of marijuana for recreational use have had to stare glumly across the border at Washington State, where it’s legal, after a ballot initiative to legalize the stuff failed in 2012. But if at first you don’t succeed… You know where this is going. [More]

Nanny Learns It’s Illegal To Leave Children In Sealed, Hot Car While She Gets A Tan

Nanny Learns It’s Illegal To Leave Children In Sealed, Hot Car While She Gets A Tan

People throw around the term “nanny state” a lot these days, but we’re going to assume they don’t mean the nanny who was arrested after police found two children locked inside a sealed-up hot car while their supposed caretaker was busy bronzing her skin at the tanning salon. [More]

Portland Will No Longer Invest In Walmart

Portland Will No Longer Invest In Walmart

In its continuing quest to become a caricature of outsiders’ clichés , the city of Portland, Oregon has decided to stop investing in Walmart. Wait, Portland invests in Walmart? Yes, just under 3% of the city’s portfolio consists of Walmart bonds, the last of which will mature in 2016. The city’s total Walmart holdings were $36 million. [More]

Sylvan Tries To Distance Itself From Learning Center That Left Sensitive Files In Trash

Sylvan Tries To Distance Itself From Learning Center That Left Sensitive Files In Trash

Yesterday we told you about the Sylvan Learning Center in Beaverton, OR, that chose to leave hundreds of file folders containing sensitive customer information in a dumpster instead of shredding them. Now, the folks at Sylvan HQ are doing damage control. [More]

A Sylvan Learning Center in Beaverton, OR, put file folders with customer info -- including credit card and Social Security numbers -- in a dumpster.

Sylvan Learning Center Needs Refresher Course In Customer Privacy

We live in a time when ID thieves need only a few pieces of information in order to steal someone’s identity and rob them blind. Most companies have learned to recognize this threat and now take measures to protect customers’ information. Judging by the dumpster full of hundreds of folders containing customers’ names, addresses, dates of birth, credit card info, and Social Security numbers, someone at the Sylvan Learning Center in Beaverton, OR, needs a refresher course on customer privacy. [More]


When You Cut Trash Collection To Every Two Weeks, Parents Will Still Find A Way To Get Rid Of Dirty Diapers

In Oct. 2011, Portland, Oregon, switched from weekly trash pickups to an every other week system, which is fine for many people who probably just needed to invest in another garbage can or two to hold that additional refuse. Additionally, the city had a weekly pickup for recycling and its new composting program, so smelly bottles, cans, and food scraps were being hauled away every seven days. But some parents of babies with stinky diapers are not waiting for that next garbage truck to swing by, and are instead tossing out the dirty diapers with the recycling. [More]

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Website Allows Dealers To Bid On Your Trade-In, But Only The Site’s Owner Seems To Be Bidding

It’s not a bad idea for a website: Consumers looking to trade in their vehicles upload the details and allow multiple dealerships to place bids. But what if only one dealership is involved? [More]


Oregon Man Claims IRS Agent Pressured Him Into Sex Or Face Tax Penalty

In a lawsuit filed against the federal government and an agent for the Internal Revenue Service, an Oregon man claims the agent used threats and harassment to pressure him into having sex against his will. [More]

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Man With Semiautomatic Rifle Kills 2 And Injures 6 At Mall, Then Kills Himself

On Tuesday afternoon around 3:30 PM, a man opened fire with an AR-15 semiautomatic rifle at the Clackamas Town Center mall in Portland, Oregon. According to police, wo people were killed and as many as six injured, at least one of whom is hospitalized and in serious condition. Early reports indicated that the gunman may have been wearing body armor and/or camouflage, and was wearing the hockey mask associated with Jason in the Friday the 13th films. After firing up to 60 rounds, he killed himself. No law enforcement officers fired any shots inside the mall. [More]


CenturyLink Hits Customers With Bogus Late Fees

If you don’t pay your cable, phone or Internet bill on time, it makes sense that you might get hit with a late fee. But CenturyLink hit customers with late $5 late fees for charges these subscribers never saw even had the chance to pay. [More]

Do Not Report Debit Card Holding Your Fraudulent $2 Million Tax Refund Stolen

Do Not Report Debit Card Holding Your Fraudulent $2 Million Tax Refund Stolen

Yes, it is tempting to lie about your income and taxes already paid on your tax return and collect a huge refund. It’s even more tempting to get that massive undeserved refund on a debit card. But that’s totally unusual, and would get the government’s attention, right? Not in Oregon, where a woman has been charged with filing fraudulent return using Turbotax, and spending the $2.1 million prepaid debit card holding her refund. [More]

Lawsuit: KFC Franchisee Fired Employees For Refusing To Serve Expired Chicken

Lawsuit: KFC Franchisee Fired Employees For Refusing To Serve Expired Chicken

A former manager at a KFC eatery in Oregon alleges that the owner of his franchise not only ordered employees to serve expired chicken, but also that employees who refused to do so were fired. [More]

Woman Sues Wells Fargo For Telling Police She Was Contemplating Suicide

An elderly Oregon woman has filed a lawsuit against Wells Fargo, alleging that a bank employee harassed her by telling the police she was threatening suicide — and running up a $1,055 hospital bill in the process. [More]

Customer Says Grocery Stores Wouldn't Accept $32 In Quarters

Customer Says Grocery Stores Wouldn't Accept $32 In Quarters

Any number of stores have policies against accepting cash in denominations higher than $20 or $50 bills, but what about loose change? A woman in Portland (the one on the left side of the country) says her local grocery stores refused to let her use quarters to pay for $32 in groceries. [More]