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Swiss Shop Clerk Denies Telling Oprah She Couldn’t Afford $38,000 Handbag

After Oprah Winfrey, she of — heck, she’s OPRAH WINFREY, you know her name — told media outlets last week that a shop clerk in Zürich, Switzerland informed her she couldn’t afford to buy a $38,100 handbag, the employee in question is speaking out to deny that story. Winfrey herself has admitted she regretted relaying the tale after the subsequent media brouhaha. [More]


No, You Can’t Pay Someone $700 To Get You On Oprah’s TV Shows

Maybe you’ve got a few things you’d like to weigh in on via a national show on a major network, like CNN or Oprah Winfrey’s eponymous entity. But believe us when we say, if the Rachael Ray people or Today want to get you on TV as an expert, it’ll be free. In other words, you shouldn’t be paying a PR firm hundreds of dollars to appear on talk shows. [More]


Oprah Wholeheartedly Endorses The Surface Tablet In A Tweet Sent From Her iPad

Of all the people we never thought we’d have to say this to: Oprah Winfrey, celebrity endorsements? You’re doing it wrong. The one and only O just looooves showering her fans with expensive, exciting gifts during her “Favorite Things” special once a year. This year she was super fired up about the new MS Surface. Earlier this week she gushed about the Windows tablet, but just so happened to send that admiring tweet from her iPad. D’oh. [More]

Judge Says KFC Must Answer For Oprah Coupon Debacle

Judge Says KFC Must Answer For Oprah Coupon Debacle

Remember last year, when KFC vastly underestimated the popularity of Oprah Winfrey and left millions of customers holding worthless coupons for free grilled chicken meals? The fast food chain had recently asked a judge to dismiss a lawsuit over the debacle, but the judge — probably a fan of Popeye’s — has said no. [More]

Leno Explains How He Ended Up Shilling For Letterman

Leno Explains How He Ended Up Shilling For Letterman

Just about the only commercial from Sunday night’s Super Bowl ad blitz that still had anyone talking the next day was CBS’ spot for The Late Show with David Letterman, which featured Dave watching the big game on his couch with Oprah Winfrey and his once-again time-slot competitor Jay Leno. So how did this all happen? Jay went on his own show last night to explain… well, sort of. [More]