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Victoria’s Secret Charges Me $15 For The Privilege Of Returning Stuff

When Debra placed an online order from Victoria’s Secret and then returned everything unworn, she didn’t know that she would have to pay an underpants rental fee. She returned merchandise that she had paid $114.16 for, and received $96.69 back. Was that a shipping charge? No, Debra paid to ship the items back herself. Did the items go on sale and she didn’t have a receipt? No, that wasn’t it either. She bought them during a “$15 off a $100 purchase” promotion, and Vicky’s kept the $15 discount that they had given her. Huh? [More]

Sam’s Club Manager Makes Up Own Return Policy, Won’t Take Back Cracked TV

Sam’s Club Manager Makes Up Own Return Policy, Won’t Take Back Cracked TV

What kind of difference can a local store’s management make? A bigger one than you might think. Shanna ordered a new television online from Sam’s Club that arrived broken. For the sake of convenience, she went to exchange it at the local store after figuring out that it fit in her car after all. The problem was that that store’s management made up its own return policy that has no basis in the actual policies of Sam’s Club. [More]

Why Is JC Penney Unable To Send Me The Sizes I Actually Ordered?

Why Is JC Penney Unable To Send Me The Sizes I Actually Ordered?

For those of us who wear very unusual and/or large sizes of clothing, ordering clothes online is a thing of beauty and convenience. Unless you’re Matt, and JC Penney’s online fulfillment people are utterly unable to read the numbers on a pair of pants and put them in the correct box. Through multiple clothing orders, the retailer has been unable to send Matt the sizes that he actually requests–which I always thought was the entire point of ordering clothes online. [More]

The Pitfalls Of Buying And Returning Swimsuits Online

The Pitfalls Of Buying And Returning Swimsuits Online

Amanda is frustrated with Amazon’s decision to only refund half of her purchase price on some swimwear she bought and returned because it was too large. She says she may have violated the site’s returns and refunds policy because she opened the plastic package to see if the suits fit her. She left the tags intact and believes she deserves a full refund. [More]