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Leaked Copy Of ‘The Expendables 3′ Downloaded More Than 100K Times A Month Before It Hits Theaters

The devotion of young men who love action movies and Sylvester Stallone combined with that demographic’s ability to torrent video content quickly and easily is providing quite a headache for Lionsgate, the distributor of the upcoming The Expendables 3, after a reportedly near DVD-quality copy of the movie leaked online earlier this week. [More]


MegaUpload Founder Trots Out New File-Sharing Site Claiming It Totally Isn’t A Pirate Site

Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom celebrated the one-year anniversary of his site getting shut down with the birth of his brand new baby website yesterday. Dotcom launched file-sharing site Mega on Sunday, which besides sharing half of its predecessor’s name, he says is not at all like the site that’s been accused of pirating online content.  [More]

The Stop Online Piracy Act Goes Too Far & Could Hurt Consumers

The Stop Online Piracy Act Goes Too Far & Could Hurt Consumers

In advance of Wednesday’s House Judiciary Committee hearing on the Stop Online Piracy Act, a coalition of national consumer groups has reached out to the committee to urge them to stop this legislation, which they believe is too far-reaching and could end up hurting the consumers it intends to protect. [More]