Will No One Think Of The Online Daters? N.Y. Bill Would Ban Taking Selfies With Tigers

You can snuggle up to a bear and you can fist bump a monkey, but soon it might be illegal to take a selfie with a tiger in the state of New York. So all you cat-happy love seekers on Tinder and OKCupid are out of luck. Which yes, is apparently a popular photo to post on such services. [More]

Mozilla CEO Steps Down; Company Says It “Must Do Better”

Mozilla CEO Steps Down; Company Says It “Must Do Better”

Amid growing concern over his stance on equal marriage rights, Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich has decided to step down from his role atop the Internet biggie; a job he only began in March. At the same time, Mozilla’s leadership is issuing an apology to those who took issue with its decision to put the company co-founder in that CEO position. [More]

OkCupid Blocks Itself On Firefox Over Mozilla CEO’s Stance Against Equal Marriage

OkCupid Blocks Itself On Firefox Over Mozilla CEO’s Stance Against Equal Marriage

Dating and the internet go together like well, dating and the Internet. It’s a winning combination, but popular dating site OkCupid is fine with missing a slice of that action if it comes down to a question of equal rights for gay people. The site has effectively blocked itself on Firefox over brand new Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich’s stance on gay marriage. Namely, that he’s against it. [More]

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Man Sends $70K To Online Suitor, Sues OKCupid For Not Warning Him Of Dating Dangers

Sometimes, when love is in the air, it’s like nothing matters — eating, sleeping… keeping an eye on your bank account and making sure not to send a bunch of money to someone you’ve never met. A man who was tricked into sending $70,000 to an online suitor is now suing OKCupid for not warning him that such a thing could happen. [More]


OKCupid Charging Users Extra Monthly Fee To Filter Dates By Body Type

It’s no secret that people want to date people they find attractive. That’s why online dating profiles come with photos. But when the photos fail, OKCupid users can now filter potential matches by their body types — from descriptions like “jacked” to “used up” — for a fee ranging from $4.95 to $10. [More]

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OKCupid Resurrects “Crazy Blind Date” Service Because You Should Be On A Date Right Now

Ready for a true story, kids? Once upon a time, a young woman went on the Internet and set up a time and place to meet a total stranger, without ever seeing his face, for just one drink. They met, they drank, they left and that was that. It was five years ago and the online service was called Crazy Blind Date. It died off and became what we know as OKCupid. Now it’s resurrection time. [More]