FTC Gives Marriage Of OfficeMax & Office Depot Its Blessing

We just knew these two crazy kids were going to earn the hard-won approval of the stern ol’ Federal Trade Commission. The two office supply companies who once were two now have the way paved for them to become one through the process of merging. It’s just like a fairy tale, if you read really weird fairy tales as a kid. [More]

FTC Will Probably Approve Marriage Of OfficeMax & Office Depot

FTC Will Probably Approve Marriage Of OfficeMax & Office Depot

When Office Depot and OfficeMax showed up, sweaty, nervous hands entwined, to talk to the Federal Trade Commission, those two crazy kids were probably worried the agency wouldn’t give its blessing for their upcoming nuptials. But it looks like this wedding is going to happen, people. [More]

Stupid Shipping Gang Keeping Plastic Air Pillow Industry Afloat

Stupid Shipping Gang Keeping Plastic Air Pillow Industry Afloat

Plastic bag air pillows are useful for keeping breakable items from bouncing around in a too-large box. We have to wonder, though, whether there are too many pillows out there in the world because of the hard work of the Stupid Shipping Gang. It could be that terrible boxing is responsible for artificially boosting sales of air pillows. [More]


This Office Depot Sale Isn’t Much Of A Sale

Marie is in the market for a new external hard drive, and last week (before the Presidents’ Day holiday) she heard from an office Depot employee that just the item she wanted goes on sale frequently, and she should wait for one of those sales. Hurray! That’s just what she did. She waited for a sale, when an “instant rebate” brought the price down…to exactly the same price that it had been. [More]

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Office Depot Announces It’s Buying OfficeMax For $1.2B Then Is Like, “Wait, Never Mind”

UPDATE: Despite Office Depot’s apparent squirrelliness about announcing its upcoming nuptials to OfficeMax, its intended isn’t being shy. Far from it — the company emailed all its reward cards holders today and trumpeted news of the union on its corporate site. [More]

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OfficeMax & Office Depot May Finally Stop Resisting The Attraction And Settle Down

It’s tough out there for a retail store, especially  if you’re a store that’s often mixed up/mashed together with another similar store anyway. So why go it alone, why not embrace your common goal of selling staples and paper? That kind of talk has led to rumors heating up that OfficeMax and Office Depot are considering finally settling down with a nice merger. You know, just because it’s good to just have somebody. [More]

Should OfficeMax And Office Depot Just Merge Already?

Should OfficeMax And Office Depot Just Merge Already?

Unemployment is still up, and companies are doing more and more paperless business as time passes. So does the United States really need three competing big-box office supply retailers? The company that holds the most shares of Office Depot doesn’t think so, and most experts agree. Merging two smaller chains that people mix up anyway and that have one very large competitor should be a no-brainer. [More]


Are Office Supply Stores Following Big Box Chains Down The Drain?

We’ve seen big box stores pare down the number of retail stores from their roll, as well as cut physical space and try to bulk up online sales. Now it looks like office supply stores are the latest retailers to feel the heat from Amazon: Staples announced it would be shuttering 45 stores in Europe and speed up the closing of 15 more in the U.S. to try and save $250 million a year. [More]