Is Nutro Ignoring Owners Of Cats Made Sick By Recalled Food?

Is Nutro Ignoring Owners Of Cats Made Sick By Recalled Food? reports that independent tests of the cat food recently recalled by Nutro does indeed contain more zinc than recommended, which was why Nutro recalled the product in the first place. However, Nutro says it’s received no complaints from pet owners, while pet owners have told otherwise. They say that Nutro either won’t respond to them or says it’s not responsible for their pets’ illnesses or deaths.

Nutro Cat Food Recall

Nutro Cat Food Recall

Certain varieties of Nutro dry cat food have been voluntarily recalled because of incorrect mineral levels that could make kitties sick. Return Nutro Natural Choice Complete Care and Nutro Max foods with expiration dates between May 12, 2010 and August 22, 2010 were affected.