President Obama To Call For Reforms To NSA Phone Surveillance

President Obama To Call For Reforms To NSA Phone Surveillance

President Obama is expected to call for reforms to the NSA’s phone surveillance programs in a speech later today, according to reports. [More]

Report Claims NSA Intercepted Computer Deliveries To Fit Electronics With Spyware

Report Claims NSA Intercepted Computer Deliveries To Fit Electronics With Spyware

Another day, another claim that the National Security Agency has been dipping into things in ways that you might not expect: A German magazine report says that a special NSA team was in charge of boosting data in extra-sneaky ways, including intercepting computer deliveries in order to rig them with espionage hardware before they reached the customer/targets. [More]

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Judge: NSA’s Mass Collection Of Telephone Data Is Legal

A U.S. District Court judge in New York has dismissed a lawsuit filed by the ACLU against James Clapper, Director of National Intelligence, and others over the National Security Agency’s mass collecting of information about U.S. consumers’ telephone use, saying that the program is legal while leaving it up to lawmakers to decide whether it’s a program that should exist at all. [More]

Verizon Says It Will Publish Reports On Law Enforcement Requests For Phone Records

Verizon Says It Will Publish Reports On Law Enforcement Requests For Phone Records

In the ongoing brouhaha over the National Security Agency’s data-collecting, Verizon announced last night that it will publish information about how many requests it received from various law enforcement agencies this year for customer records. [More]


NSA Also Spied On World Of Warcraft, Second Life, Xbox Live Users

Because terrorists may be secretly chatting with each other while also trying to level-up their paladins and warlocks, the National Security Agency thought it was a good idea to eavesdrop on online games like World of Warcraft and Second Life, and on gamers who used Xbox Live. [More]

AT&T Tells Shareholders: We Don’t Have To Disclose What We Do With Customers’ Data

AT&T Tells Shareholders: We Don’t Have To Disclose What We Do With Customers’ Data

Is AT&T cooperating with government intelligence offices like the National Security Agency and sharing its customers’ information with those groups? Sure, it’s fully willing to admit that. But that doesn’t mean it should have to disclose to shareholders exactly what it’s doing with that data, or so it said in a letter to the Securities and Exchange Commission yesterday. [More]

Apple Slams Government ‘Gag Order’ On Customer Data Requests

Apple's report contains detailed numbers for law enforcement requests from dozens of countries, but companies are forbidden from providing precise numbers that include national security requests.

Last night, Apple provided some very vague details about the number of requests for customer information it received from U.S. law enforcement and national security officials. At the same time, the company made it very clear that it would provide more precise information about the number of these requests, if only the government would let it. [More]

Google Exec To NSA: You Don’t Need To Spy On Everyone To Catch A Few Evil People

Google Exec To NSA: You Don’t Need To Spy On Everyone To Catch A Few Evil People

Last week, it was revealed that the National Security Agency had managed to tap into the private connections between Google’s supposedly secure data centers, effectively giving the agency unfettered access to e-mails, voicemails, and cloud-stored files of all Google users. Not surprisingly, this isn’t sitting well with the people at the Internet giant. [More]

A recently leaked top secret NSA sketch, complete with smiley face, showing how the agency exploits the connection between Google's front-end servers and its data centers to then access that data center network and reap massive amounts of information.

NSA Ticks Off Google & Yahoo With Report Of Snooping On Private Data Centers

The latest round of revelations about National Security Agency cyber-snooping includes information that the NSA infiltrated private networks operated by Google and Yahoo. Not surprisingly, these two titans of the Internet are not pleased to find out about the government’s invasive actions. [More]

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Google: Of Course We’re Going To See What’s In Emails Sent To Gmail Addresses, Don’t Be Silly

Raise your hand if you use Gmail. Now look around at your pals, who are ostensibly reading this with you and are perhaps one of 425 million Gmail users. Anyone sending email to those people apparently have no “reasonable expectation” that those communications are confidential, according to a court filing submitted by Google. [More]


Apple, Google, Facebook & Other Tech Giants Pen Letter Asking For NSA Transparency

In the wake of that whole thing where the National Security Agency is reportedly snooping on people, a whole bunch of tech industry giants have banded together with privacy advocates to send a letter to the lawmakers and President Barack Obama asking for some transparency when it comes to government surveillance. [More]


Forget The NSA’s Hi-Tech Snooping, The USPS Has Been Scanning Our Mail For Years

Many people are upset — and with good reason — with the National Security Administration’s concerted and secretive efforts to obtain wireless and Internet data about a wide range of users, but what many people don’t know is that the U.S. Postal Service has been scanning the outside of every piece of mail it processes and making that information available to law enforcement without a warrant. [More]

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Edward Snowden Isn’t The First Transit Zone Dweller Who Reminds Us Of That One Movie

Remember that Tom Hanks movie where he’s really lonely and far from home? No, not Cast Away (Wilson! [tear]), the other one where he faces seemingly insurmountable obstacles while living in limbo, The Terminal. Accused NSA leaker Edward Snowden is a lot like the guy Hank portrays in the flick who’s stuck in JFK Airport. That’s because the character is based on a real person, and there are plenty of other transit zone dwellers on the books. [More]


Apple Says It Received 5,000 Data Requests From Law Enforcement, Doesn’t Say How Many It Fulfilled

With many people still wondering about the extent to which the National Security Agency and other authorities were peeping in to consumers’ phone and Internet activities, some of the larger firms caught up in the scandal are making attempts at being transparent about what they did and didn’t hand over to the government. However, some are being more transparent than others. [More]

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Sales Of Orwell’s Dystopian ‘1984’ Have Spiked With News Of NSA Surveillance

There’s a hot book on the scene — have you heard about it? It’s this wacky vision of a dystopian future where the government is always listening. And oh yeah, it’s George Orwell’s 1984, which was published 64 years ago. Sales of the futuristic cautionary tale to society have been hopping in the wake of the National Security Agency surveillance scandal, with one edition jumping from No. 73797 to No. 125 on the best-seller list. [More]

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Class-Action Suit Filed Over NSA Phone-Snooping

Days after it was revealed that the National Security Agency had quietly been granted access to phone records of Verizon customers, a couple in Philadelphia has filed against everyone involved, from the NSA to Verizon to Attorney General Eric Holder to President Obama. [More]

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White House Official Defends Collection Of Verizon Customer Data As Critical To Fighting Terrorism

Following reports that the National Security Agency has been using a secret court order to collect phone records for millions of Verizon customers, the Obama administration has had to come out in defense of the controversial practice, while the Chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee says this practice has actually been going on since 2006. [More]

New Spy Law Will Provide Immunity To Wiretapping Telcos

New Spy Law Will Provide Immunity To Wiretapping Telcos

Update: Voted! Passed 293-129.
Today the House votes on a new compromise FISA Bill that will make the NSA’s formerly questionable activities—like spying on Americans—legal, and will grant conditional immunity upon the telephone companies that aided the NSA in spying on their customers. It’s “conditional” because there will still be a court review, but nobody seems to be taking the court review seriously: Senator Russ Feingold, D-WI, calls it a “capitulation” in the ongoing fight over holding the telcos responsible, and Rep. Roy Blunt, R-MO, says the review will be a “formality.” Looks like you’re about to get off free, Verizon and AT&T!