Morning Deals

  • DC Brand Shoes $20 + S/H, all sizes/styles, 856 to choose from
  • Nicorette: free pack of Nicorette White Ice Mint (warning, site is slow)
  • Circuit City: Panasonic SH-FX85 Wireless Multi-Room Speaker Kit for $44.96, requires in-store pickup

Highlights From Buxr

  • Hewlett Packard: $400 Off $999 or more for Desktop Purchase w/ coupon code: DT1158 (Good for 2250 uses)
  • NewEgg: Targus Notebook Wireless Optical Mouse for $8.99 w/ Free shipping after $20 off coupon code: EMCAKAKAK
  • Av Lab Solar Backpack Charger for $29.99 w/ Free shipping after rebate

Highlights From Dealhack

  • Best Buy: Toshiba Satellite Dual Core Notebook PC $500
  • Canon Pixma iP6210D Color Inkjet Photo Printer $35 with Coupon
  • 20% or 30% off Guitar Guru Interactive Lessons with Coupons
Hungry HP Repair Dept Captures Another Laptop

Hungry HP Repair Dept Captures Another Laptop

You gotta hand it to Hewlett Packard—they’re able to improvise quickly when it comes to making up excuses. Dustin wrote to let us know that so far, over the three weeks that HP has had his laptop in for repair, he’s heard these reasons for why they haven’t sent it back yet:

  • laptop warranty voided because of dog hair under keyboard
  • repair placed on hold because they need to reformat the hard drive
  • hard drive needs to be replaced
  • OS could not be replaced because product sticker in back was gone

It may not surprise you to find out that Dustin sent in the notebook to have the AC jack repaired, because it had started to come loose and the power cord wouldn’t stay securely connected. The keyboard, hard drive, and OS were all just fine.

Possible Class Action Against HP Over Cruddy Pavilion Notebooks

Possible Class Action Against HP Over Cruddy Pavilion Notebooks

If you own an HP Pavilion Notebook and you’ve had problems with it—specifically overheating, problems with the power supply, and an inability to update the BIOS—then you might want to contact this law firm and tell them your story. We know class actions rarely help the individual consumer, but they do succeed in punishing the offending company occasionally, and we can’t think of a computer company more in need of a good class action smackdown than HP.

Pleasant Customer Service From Moleskine

Pleasant Customer Service From Moleskine

Occasionally, people send us nice stories about customer service from companies that already have good reputations. While they’re not exactly the most exciting letters, it’s good to know that there are still a few pleasant experiences worth sharing.

Exploding Laptop Caught On Film

They try to test the heat using a remote thermometer (like the one mentioned in today’s Morning Deals) but the temp is so high, the instrument gives an error code. This means the temperature was over 1000 degrees Fahrenheit.

Cure Random Shutdown Syndome

Cure Random Shutdown Syndome

Apple has released a firmware upgrade that they say is a solutions for Mac users suffering from RSS or “Random Shutdown Syndrome.”

HOWTO Buy a Laptop on Ebay

HOWTO Buy a Laptop on Ebay

Solid article here on purchasing a notebook computer online. Much of the advice is common sense but are good reminders to review when salivating over the latest i-Thingy, like verifying the repair history, seeing if there are any dead pixels, and making sure the CD/DVD drive isn’t filled with peanut butter.