McDonald’s Fires Worker For Drawing A Swastika On Customer’s Sandwich Bun

A McDonald’s owner is apologizing and saying a worker at a North Carolina store was fired, after a customer claimed that she found a swastika drawn on her chicken sandwich’s bun with butter. [More]

(NBC News)

Tyson Foods Breaks Up With Pig Farm After Video Shows Alleged Animal Abuse

When the country’s biggest meat producer says “This isn’t working out,” it’s a big deal: Tyson Foods announced that it’s effectively dumping an Oklahoma pig farm by terminating its contract, after a news investigation showed undercover videos of alleged abuse at the facility. [More]

One of the shirts in question.

Company Pulls T-Shirts From Site Because Pro-Domestic Violence Slogans Are Simply Awful

As often happens with iconic sayings, a T-shirt maker has taken the well-known phrase “Keep Calm And Carry On,” words first produced for a WWII propaganda poster and well, changed it. The company is in hot water for featuring controversial twists of the phrase including, “Keep Calm And Hit Her” and other pro-domestic violence, rapey slogans. [More]