GameStop Wants You To Trade In All Those Dusty, “Retro” Consoles, Games & Accessories

Nostalgia is all well and good, but it won’t change that dust-coated Nintendo you’ve had sitting around into anything useful. GameStop, on the other hand, says it wants to do just that with the pilot of a new “retro” consoles, games and accessories trade-in program in two cities starting April 25. [More]


Nintendo Announces Plans To Make Games For Mobile Devices

Have a hankering to play Super Mario at the bus stop but don’t have the portable gaming console to satisfy that urge? Soon video games from Nintendo will make the move from consoles to mobile devices, as the company announces a partnership with an online gaming firm to develop and operate new apps. [More]

Rare Copy Of “Stadium Events” Video Game For Nintendo Can Be Yours For Only $100K Or So

Your childhood dream of jumping horses and winning relay races from your living room is on sale for the bargain basement price of about $99,600 as of Wednesday morning: Known as one of the rarest licensed Nintendo Entertainment System games, a sealed copy of Banda’s Stadium Events (predecessor to other track and field games on the Power Pad) released in 1987 is yours for the taking on eBay right now. [eBay via Chicago Tribune]


Actor Hired To Wear Donkey Kong Costume For Game Launch Sues Nintendo Over “Stressful” Experience

While getting the chance to get paid to play a beloved video game character all day might sound like a dream gig for some, one actor hired to climb into a Donkey Kong costume for the launch of a new Nintendo 3DS game is suing the company saying his time in the suit seriously stressed him out. [More]

Alan Rappa

It’s Time To Start Treating Video Game Industry Like The $21 Billion Business It Is

The majority of video games in the U.S. are purchased and played by adults. The largest titles make money that Hollywood films could only dream of raking in, and the biggest players in the industry run multibillion-dollar multinational operations that employ thousands of people. Yet many consumers still think of gaming as a kid’s thing that doesn’t merit serious consideration or scrutiny. In an age where our culture recognizes previously sniffed-about industries like professional sports as much more than child’s play, it’s time to get over that same hump about video games. [More]

(Power Mitt)

The Nintendo Power Glove Is Born Again As… An Oven Mitt, Obviously

I’ll be the first to admit that my video game talents as a child lay more in the Nintendo Power Pad than in the Power Glove, but it still feels good to welcome back an old friend. Though this time around, Fred Savage would be pulling a roast out of the oven instead of competing in Video Armageddon. [More]

Another Christmas, Another Porn-Filled Nintendo DS Under The Tree

Another Christmas, Another Porn-Filled Nintendo DS Under The Tree

When you buy what is supposed to be a brand-new piece of electronics from the world’s largest retailer, it really shouldn’t come loaded with someone else’s content. And when the supposedly new device is a gift for your 8-year-old son, it certainly shouldn’t come pre-loaded with other people’s porn. [More]

Raiders Of The Lost Kmart Not Sure What Color This Game Boy Advance Used To Be

Raiders Of The Lost Kmart Not Sure What Color This Game Boy Advance Used To Be

Recently, Reddit user Pwnapanda wandered into a local Kmart* store, stumbling on a fantastic piece of ancient technology. There was a demonstration-model Game Boy Advance beckoning shoppers to play…if they don’t mind the decade’s worth of grime on the device. Or whatever it is that makes this thing look so vile. [More]

Customers Accuse GameStop Of Reprinting Wii Game, Flooding Used-Game Market

Customers Accuse GameStop Of Reprinting Wii Game, Flooding Used-Game Market

Back in 2012, Nintendo published a game called Xenoblade Chronicles. It was only sold at GameStop and directly from Nintendo, and they only published a limited number of copies. It was  scarce and hard to get hold of until very recently. It was like someone found a hidden warehouse: every GameStop store in the country suddenly had bushels of copies to sell at $90 each. Where did these games come from?  [More]

Google google google google google.

From The Shameless To The Egregious, We Grade The Product Placements In 12 Ad-Packed Movies

You’ve probably seen the 30-second TV ads promoting that new 2-hour commercial for Google starring those two actors from that other movie that people really liked eight years ago. We’d like to think product placement has sunk to a new low, but every time we’re convinced that advertisers have hit bottom, someone throws them a more powerful digging implement. [More]

None for you, Nintedo Wii U.

Despite “Strong Partnership,” EA Says Madden NFL 25 Won’t Be On Nintendo’s Wii U Console

Calm those quivering lips, Wii U users, it’s true, it’s really true: For the first time since 1991, Electronic Arts’ Madden series will sidestep a Nintendo console. The company’s newest offering, Madden NFL 25, won’t be available for the Wii U, but hey guys, don’t worry — the two companies totally still have a “strong partnership.” [More]


Anyone Who Scoffs At Video Games Probably Never Bought One Worth $15,000 For Only $7.99

There are the rare yard sale finds that once brought to light, no one’s that surprised that they’re worth something — a painting by a famous artist, a baseball card from the days of yore, a set of Chinese rhinoceros cups, whathaveyou. But while it might never be featured on Antiques Roadshow, there are other gems hiding out there, like an old Nintendo video game that could be worth as much as $15,000. [More]


Walmart Banking On Return Of Nintendo GameCube, Still Charging $40 For Game From 2006

We know there’s a market for classic games and game consoles out there, but one Walmart is holding steady on the price for a Nintendo GameCube title that was released seven years ago. [More]

It's a cereal. Wow!

Nintendo Cereal System Is Part Of Your Super Nutritious Breakfast

Last week’s launch of the PlayStation 4 wasn’t all that exciting. It was missing something… some would say a look at the actual PS4. But Sony should consider adding what every good game console needs: a branded breakfast cereal. They should take as a model this 1989 commercial for Nintendo cereal from Ralston-Purina. [More]

GameStop Sells Me Three Defective Nintendo DSes In A Row, Shrugs

GameStop Sells Me Three Defective Nintendo DSes In A Row, Shrugs

AC used to shop at Gamestop a lot, but has vowed not to go back. Why? Somehow, the odds caught up with him and he has ended up with three defective Nintendo DSes in a row, all purchased from the same store. Return a defective one, get another. Return a defective one, get another. Not wanting to continue the cycle, he sent this letter to GameStop more than a week ago. They have not responded. [More]

Nintendo Slashes Price on 3DS, Gives Free Games To Those Who Paid Full Price

Nintendo Slashes Price on 3DS, Gives Free Games To Those Who Paid Full Price

New technology is always a risk, both for the manufacturer who invests years and funds into development and for the early adopter, who spends their money knowing full well that the tech could disappear or be eclipsed very quickly. So while it’s no surprise that Nintendo has had to slash the retail price on its Nintendo 3DS handheld devices, it’s nice to see that the company isn’t leaving its devoted customers in the dark. [More]

Reader Finally Receives Unblemished, Functional, Nintendo 3Ds

Reader Finally Receives Unblemished, Functional, Nintendo 3Ds

After reader Ray’s story about receiving and swapping out four messed up Nintendo 3DSes in a row, two of which were lemons, Nintendo reached out to get in touch with him. We played matchmaker and now Ray is happy to report that they gave him a brand spanking new 3Ds. They also let him pick out two new games to make up for the hassle. [More]

I Just Want A Nintendo 3DS That's Not Broken

I Just Want A Nintendo 3DS That's Not Broken

Ray is a huge Nintendo fan. Which is why it hurts so much that every time he tries to get his defective 3DS replaced, they send him another one that has a different defect. The first 3DS had dead pixels, the second had deep scratches, and the top screen was sliding on the third. Now he’s on his fourth DS, and it too has troubs. The touch screen keeps slanting to a greater and greater degree. Why, Nintendo, why have you forsaken your loyal follower? [More]