The Kodak smart lens aims to turn consumers' smartphones into professional grade photographic machines.

Can Camera Companies Stay Relevant In A World Where Smartphones Rule? They’re Certainly Trying

Companies with long histories in the photography industry are scrambling to stay relevant in a day and age when nearly every smartphone comes equipped with a high-resolution camera, making it incredibly convenient and easy for consumers to snap away in just about every occasion. The fight for relevancy has never been more evident than during the showcases presented at the 2015 CES, where companies like Kodak, Canon and Nikon displayed a range of products designed to compete and capitalize on the convenience afforded by smartphones. [More]

Raiders Of The Lost Walmart Can Holster Your 7-Year-Old Phones

Raiders Of The Lost Walmart Can Holster Your 7-Year-Old Phones

The Raiders of the Lost Walmart are a brave band of explorers who scour the American retailscape for items that are obsolete or just plain old. They still have some use, but the more important question isn’t “who would buy this?” It’s “why is this still on a retail shelf?” [More]

Dell Ends Weird Gift Guide Pricing Game, Lowers Camera Price $100

Dell Ends Weird Gift Guide Pricing Game, Lowers Camera Price $100

It’s the strangest thing: remember our post yesterday about Dell’s gift guide catalog and the camera prices that didn’t line up? Dell still hasn’t called us back or anything, but all of a sudden the price on that Nikon camera described in the post is down $100, in line with the catalog price. What a weird coincidence! [More]

The D90.

Nikon Fixes One Problem With My Camera, May Have Caused Another

Nikon says that Max’s camera has “evidence of physical damage.” That’s all very well and good, but the shutter problems caused by the alleged damage happened sometime between when the camera’s flash issues were repaired at Nikon and Max took it out of the box when it came back. He pressed the shutter to take a picture, and it jammed. It wasn’t jammed before he sent it in. Nikon wants a fee to repair this damage, which would be no problem for Max if he had actually caused it. He says he didn’t. [More]

Photos: Behind The Scenes At CES 2012

Photos: Behind The Scenes At CES 2012

In a few hours, the folks at the Consumer Electronics Show will fling open the doors to the Las Vegas Convention Center and a crowd the size of a small city will begin gawking and toying with the latest in doodads and whatsthats. But for the second year in a row, me and my trusty camera phone were able to convince someone I had a reason to be on the show floor so I could snap a handful of last-minute preparation pics before anyone caught on to my antics.


Photographers Find Nikon's Facebook Status A Little Insulting

Photographers Find Nikon's Facebook Status A Little Insulting

Like all art, photography requires the acquisition of some skills: not just an understanding of what makes a great photograph and a good eye, but also a solid understanding of how equipment works and what it’s capable of. Not according to camera maker Nikon, though. The person in charge of the company’s Facebook page managed to annoy an awful lot of photographers by implying that better lenses, not skill, is all that you need to take a great photo. [More]

Netflix Tops Customer Loyalty List

Netflix Tops Customer Loyalty List

The results of Brand Keys’ annual survey of customer loyalty have been released and in its first year of inclusion, Netflix came out on top of the list of all 528 brands, beating out reigning champ Apple. [More]

Circuit City Sells Counterfeit Camera For $1134.99, Customer Guilty Until Proven Innocent

Circuit City Sells Counterfeit Camera For $1134.99, Customer Guilty Until Proven Innocent

Circuit City sold Ronald a fake camera for $1134.99, and now they’re holding the fake and his money hostage. The camera was no Kodak disposable, but a Nikon D90 Digital SLR. When he opened the box at home, inside was a D50 covered with crappy D90 stickers and affixed with a fake serial plate. Circuit City should give him his money back or a new D90. Why should Ronald be punished for Circuit City’s inability to maintain control over their supply chain? He shouldn’t. He should file a chargeback with his credit card company. Ronald’s letter of complaint to Circuit City’s consumer affairs group (, inside…

Morning Deals

  • Amazon: 37 new coupon codes for September 2008
  • Google: Get Chrome for free, Google’s new super-minimal browser (still in beta, read review at Lifehacker)
  • Apple: Seven refurbished Apple Aluminum iMac Core 2 Duo Desktops from $949 each + free shipping

Highlights From Dealhack

  • Newegg: Nikon Coolpix P60 8.1MP Camera $150 Shipped
  • Amazon: Save Extra $20 off Kellogg’s, Keebler & other Grocery Products
  • 1-800 Contacts: Save $20 to $80 + Bonus $5 off Contact Lenses with Coupon

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Highlights From Buxr

  • Get three DVDs for $10 when you add all three to your Shopping Cart
  • Golden Gadgets: 2 Pack of 9 LED Aluminum Pocket water resistant Flashlight for $3.99 + Shipping ($2.02)
  • A-DATA 16GB Flash Drive WHITE for $24.99 after $15 rebate!

Morning Deals Round Up

• In places in the midwest, there is an almost religious respect given to the mighty Chipotle. We suspect it is not that their burritos are so excellent, although they are certainly good, but that in our fast food nation, food that actually uses fresh vegetables should be cherished. Chipotle is running a promotion that will probably make the college boys go even wilder: Buy a $5 gift card between now and the 11th, bring the receipt back between the 12th and 14th, and receive a free burrito. Value! [via SlickDeals]