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Baltimore Ravens Exchange 5,595 Ray Rice Jerseys, Run Out Of Replacements

To say that the Ray Rice jersey exchange held by the Baltimore Ravens this weekend was popular with fans is perhaps an understatement. After all, with a line half a mile long to turn in Rice jerseys in exchange for jerseys bearing the names of other Ravens players, it’s no surprise that the team ran out of replacement jerseys at around 5,595 exchanges. [More]


Crest Confirms It’s Distancing Itself From Scandalized NFL

Earlier today, we told you that Procter & Gamble’s Crest toothpaste brand had reportedly backed out of its deal to sponsor the upcoming Breast Cancer Awareness Month initiative with the NFL because of the recent domestic violence scandals that have rocked the league. Now, the folks at Crest have confirmed they will not be part of this year’s campaign with the NFL. [More]

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Procter & Gamble Reportedly Cancels NFL Breast Cancer Awareness Promotion

The nation’s largest TV advertiser, and the company that makes many of the products in your bathroom, has reportedly decided against sponsoring the NFL’s annual breast cancer awareness initiative in the wake of numerous allegations of domestic abuse against players. [More]

Nike Doesn’t Want To Be Associated With Adrian Peterson Right Now

Nike Doesn’t Want To Be Associated With Adrian Peterson Right Now

Even before Nike took over as the official supplier of NFL jerseys, one of the company’s highest-profile NFL endorsement deals was with Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson. But now that the Pro Bowl back faces allegations of child abuse, Nike has decided it’s probably a good time for the two to take a break from each other. [More]


Dallas Bar Owner Won’t Show NFL Games In Protest Of League’s Domestic Violence Policy

Like a unicorn kissing noses with a flying dragon, a bar in Texas that refuses to show football was, until this point, a fantastical thing that we never thought could become reality. But one Dallas bar owner is willing to risk out on all that football money to protest the NFL’s stance on domestic violence. He says he won’t show any NFL games this season until something changes in the league. [More]


Bud Light Doesn’t Want To Be The Official Beer Of Domestic Violence

As the company behind Bud Light, the official beer of the National Football League, Anheuser-Busch InBev has some major pull in professional football. Which is why the company has some strong words for the NFL over recent reports of domestic violence off the field and how the league has handled these situations. Not well at all, basically. [More]

Let’s All Pretend To Be Surprised That The LeSean McCoy $0.20 Tip Receipt Is For Sale

Dig into those seat cushions, everyone.

It is my sincerest hope that the waiter who received a $0.20 tip on a $61 restaurant tab paid for by NFL running back LeSean McCoy is going to reap at least some financial gain from the sale of the now infamous receipt, which is for sale on eBay at a high bid of about $99,000 as of this writing. Leaving us completely unsurprised, of course, because when a piece of paper makes the news like this, someone’s probably willing to shell out the big bucks to own a moment in tipping history. [More]

NFL.com Sinks To New Low: Forces You To Watch 5 Ads For 5 Mins. Of Video

NFL.com Sinks To New Low: Forces You To Watch 5 Ads For 5 Mins. Of Video

Regular visitors to NFL.com are probably familiar with the site’s love of auto-play video and video advertising in general. Not only do many NFL.com news stories include an auto-play video — one that is often, at best, tangentially related to the topic — but those clips are almost always preceded by pre-roll ads that you can not pause or mute (without muting your computer’s speakers). Yesterday, the site sunk to a new low, forcing fans of one regular NFL.com feature to sit through 5 separate GEICO ads just to watch a few minutes of video. [More]

The receipt for McCoy's meal was posted to the PYT Facebook page by the restaurant's owner.

Restaurant Owner Won’t Apologize For Shaming LeSean McCoy Over $.20 Tip

Not to overwhelm the pages of Consumerist with stories about NFL running backs, but when the league’s best set of legs shows himself out to be one of the country’s worst tippers, we can’t not cover the story. [More]

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Baltimore Ravens Offer To Let Fans Exchange Ray Rice Jerseys

You’ve probably already seen the recently released security camera footage of NFL running back Ray Rice punching out his then-fiancee in an Atlantic City hotel elevator. The footage resulted in Rice’s indefinite suspension from the league and his release from the Baltimore Ravens on Monday, and now the team is saying it will allow fans with Ray Rice jerseys to exchange them. [More]

What's it going to take for Josh Gordon to get you into a new Chevy Malibu today? (Photo: Erik Drost)

Suspended Cleveland Brown Josh Gordon To Spend His Year Off Selling Cars In Ohio

It’s nothing new for an All-Pro NFL player to end up selling cars, but usually that transition from gridiron glory to local businessman happens after the player has retired. Most 23-year-old football superstars are only thinking about buying cars at this point in their careers. Of course, most players don’t find themselves with a full season to kill while serving a suspension from the league. [More]

As if there was a doubt. (kenfagerdotcom)

Rankings Confirm What Chicago Bears Fans Refuse To Admit: Green Bay Packers Fans Are The NFL’s Best

It is under the pall of my unnamed coworker’s* great distaste that I must emerge triumphant to report the best, and yet most unsurprising news I’ve probably ever read: A study looking at the fans of all the National Football League teams says what Wisconsinites have always known to be the truth is a fact**: Fans of the Green Bay Packers are the best. [More]

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NFL Thinks It Can Ask Super Bowl Halftime Acts To Pay To Perform

Dear NFL: Do you feel that warm, oozing sensation on your arms? It’s the wax melting on your man-made wings as you fly too close to the sun. In an astounding act of hubris, the NFL is reportedly asking some of the biggest names in music if they would be willing to pay for the privilege of putting on a show during the halftime of the next Super Bowl. [More]

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NFL Threatens To Put Games On Cable If Blackout Rules Are Eliminated

Last fall, the FCC announced that it would look into whether or not it was time to eliminate blackout rules affecting local sports broadcasts of games that weren’t sold out. Since most MLB, NBA, and NHL teams have moved their broadcasts to regional sports channels and away from over-the-air TV, the only league that would be realistically impacted by the elimination of these decades’ old rules is the NFL, which recently told the FCC that it will pick up its ball and go to pay-TV if it can’t be allowed to black out games anymore. [More]

DirecTV Now Making It Harder For Non-Satellite Customers To Get NFL Sunday Ticket

DirecTV Now Making It Harder For Non-Satellite Customers To Get NFL Sunday Ticket

The headline that DirecTV wants people to read is that its much-coveted exclusive NFL Sunday Ticket package is finally available as an online-only offering to non-DirecTV customers, but the satellite provider has been selling it that way for years. What’s really new about NFLSundayTicket.TV is that it’s going to cost users a lot more and fewer customers will have access to it. [More]

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Patent Office Cancels Washington Redskins Trademark Registration

The already heated debate over the continued use of the term “Redskins” by the Washington, D.C., NFL team got hotter this morning, with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office canceling the team’s trademark registration, saying it is “disparaging of Native Americans.” [More]

No, A Supreme Court Victory By Aereo Would Not Crush The NFL

No, A Supreme Court Victory By Aereo Would Not Crush The NFL

The Supreme Court could issue a ruling in the dispute between the broadcast networks and startup streaming service Aereo as early as tomorrow (though it could also not come down for quite some time). And some folks are claiming that a victory by Aereo in the case would be devastating to the NFL. These people are very, very wrong. [More]

AT&T Wants To Bring NFL Sunday Ticket To Its Wireless Customers

As we mentioned a few weeks ago, DirecTV’s exclusive NFL Sunday Ticket package is so vital to the satellite service’s business that AT&T can walk away from the two companies’ pending $49 billion merger if DirecTV and the NFL are unable to renew their contract. Now AT&T is trying to convince investors that Sunday Ticket could be a boon to its wireless business. [More]