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New York Warns Of Medical-Alert Device Robocalling Scam Targeting Seniors

Most of you know to be suspicious when someone calls out of the blue to tell you you’ve been approved to get something for free. But not everyone is as savvy as y’all, which is what scammers depend on to make their money. [More]


Should You Have To Pay For Extra Ketchup At Fast Food Joints?

For years, some McDonald’s have been charging extra for additional McNugget dipping sauces or other non-ketchup condiments. But charging for extra ketchup is rare, except in Manhattan, where more than a dozen Golden Arches are tacking on a fee for the red stuff. [More]


New York AG To Sue Bank Of America, Wells Fargo Over Alleged Violations Of National Mortgage Settlement

If the big mortgage servicers thought they’d put a pile of legal troubles behind them when they reached the $25 billion dollar National Mortgage Settlement with almost every state in 2012, they were wrong. Today, New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman announced his intention to sue Bank of America and Wells Fargo for what he alleges is a ” persistent pattern of non-compliance” by the two banks. [More]

NY Shuts Down Sham Fundraising Company That Took In Millions Of Donations For Breast Cancer “Research”

Campaign Center, Inc. was the principal fundraiser for Coalition Against Breast Cancer, which spent virtually no money on research, education or prevention.

Between 2005 and 2011, the Coalition Against Breast Cancer raised around $10 million in donations intended for research to combat the disease, but authorities say that no such research ever occurred, and all that money went to pay for a grand total of 40 mammograms in seven years. [More]

Neighbors Bill Hotel $21,000 For Sleepless Nights From Noisy Parties

Neighbors Bill Hotel $21,000 For Sleepless Nights From Noisy Parties

First we brought you a story about hotel guests unable to sleep because of noises outside the building, now it’s a tale of woe from the opposite side of the looking glass, with residents on one Manhattan street sending a bill for its sleepless nights to a neighboring hotel full of party-goers. [More]

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NYC Lawmakers Propose Raising Smoking Age To 21

The same morning that the U.S. Supreme Court dealt a blow to the tobacco industry’s fight against new warning labels, lawmakers and regulators in New York City have proposed making it illegal for anyone younger than 21 to buy cigarettes. [More]


Time Warner Cable To Pay $2.2 Million To Overcharged New York Customers

More than 18,000 New York state residents will be getting refunds from Time Warner Cable, now that the company has settled allegations that it overcharged subscribers in 10 towns and villages. [More]


Google Provides Free WiFi To Area Of Manhattan That Doesn’t Exactly Need It

Because it’s hard to pay $60/month for Internet access when you’re already shelling out $3,000/month for your one-bedroom apartment, the charitable folks at Google have decided to bring free WiFi to Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood. [More]

Roy tried to cancel Verizon after seeing this "vacation" fee, but Verizon just couldn't do it.

Verizon Says Hurricane-Affected Customers Will Get Credit For “Vacation” Fees

Yesterday, we told you about Roy, a Verizon DSL customer who canceled his service after he discovered the company was charging him a “vacation” fee to suspend service to his hurricane-damaged house. This morning, a rep for the company reached out to Consumerist to offer an explanation. [More]

John has filed a Division of Human Rights complaint against NY-based Emblem.

EmblemHealth Won’t Talk To Me About My Husband’s Coverage Because We’re Both Men

John and his husband, who live in New York where same sex marriage is legal, are both covered by John’s employer-sponsored insurance from EmblemHealth. But John says that every time he tries to contact Emblem about anything regarding his husband’s coverage — no matter how trivial — the company refuses to acknowledge the two men are married. [More]


NY Atty. Gen. Calls Out Wells Fargo For Halting Loan Mods In Wake Of Hurricane Sandy

As portions of New York and New Jersey begin to rebuild following the path of destruction cut by Hurricane Sandy, there are a number of area homeowners whose loan modifications have become collateral damage, with Wells Fargo suspending decisions on these requests until further notice. [More]


Expedia Books Me Into 4 Hotels I Can’t Stay In

Like many New Yorkers in low-lying areas, Consumerist reader Jacob’s home was evacuated. Without a place to stay, he used his phone to book a room at a Manhattan hotel. Little did he know that he wouldn’t be staying at that hotel, or the one after that, or the one after that. [More]

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AT&T And T-Mobile Briefly Reuniting In New York, New Jersey To Help Storm Victims

It’s been almost a year since the FCC and Justice Dept. ripped AT&T and T-Mobile apart, ending the lovers’ foolish hopes of a life of marital bliss. But regulators can only keep true love down for so long, as the two telecoms have announced they will share their networks in storm-damaged areas of New York and New Jersey where customers have been left without bars on their phone. [More]


NYC Hotels Double Rates On Some Guests, But Is It Gouging?

All over Manhattan today, there are hotel guests who were supposed to have checked out but who are forced to stay at least one more night because their flights are canceled — and they couldn’t get to the airport anyway. Making matters worse, a lot of these people are paying higher room rates then they have been. [More]


Court Rules Lap Dances Aren’t Art; Ruin Plans For My MFA Thesis

In a story we’ve been following with great interest for quite some time, the top court of the state of New York has ruled that lap dances are not a form of performance art and are therefore not exempt from sales taxes. [More]

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NY Attorney General Calls On Breast Cancer Charities To Be Transparent About Where The Money Is Going

It seems like every October, there are more pink items for sale to promote National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which has led to growing concern that the focus is on selling merchandise without being clear about how much money is actually going to cancer research. In an effort to keep these charities honest, the Attorney General for New York state has issued a set of best practices. [More]

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Lawsuit Seeks To Block New York City Ban On Big Sodas

Earlier this year, the New York City Board of Health announced that full-calorie sodas (and other sugary drinks) larger than 16 oz. would be unwelcome in restaurants, delis and other businesses regulated by the Board. On Friday, the groups that would likely feel the sting of such a ban — soda companies, restaurant owners and the like — sued to try to ban the ban. [More]

Man Sues Hooters Over Racial Slur On Receipt

Man Sues Hooters Over Racial Slur On Receipt

Advice to people at restaurants and stores who have a problem with a customer: Keep it to yourself; wait until you get home and then complain about it to your spouse/roommate/pet canary. But for the love of god, please stop writing those insults down on receipts. [More]