Verizon Decides To Not Force Sub-Par Service On New Yorkers Left Without Phones By Hurricane

Last fall, Hurricane Sandy tore through the Mid-Atlantic, leaving entire coastal towns in New York and New Jersey without landline service. Verizon only made it worse for some residents, choosing to test replacing the ruined copper-wire network with its craptastic Voice Link service. After months of complaints from residents businesses and concerns about public safety, Verizon has decided to abandon that test and replace the copper lines in Fire Island, NY, with fiber optic cable. [More]

Verizon FiOS Tries To Win Over Blacked-Out CBS Employees

Verizon FiOS Tries To Win Over Blacked-Out CBS Employees

Millions of Time Warner Cable customers have now gone more than two weeks without knowing which attention-starved individuals got kicked out of the Big Brother house or if the people of Chester’s Mill ever got out from under the dome (Spoiler: Maybe). Many employees of CBS have been unable to watch the shows they air if they have TWC as their cable provider (which in NYC, Dallas, and L.A. is highly likely), so Verizon is trying to reach out to them and lure them over to FiOS. [More]


Needy Oenophiles Pawning Prize Bottles Of Wine For Cash

Eight years ago, it seemed like everyone in New York City was operating a hedge fund, and many of those suddenly rich folks splurged on necessities like rare bottles of wine. Then things went sour and these briefly wealthy types had to relocate the contents of their wine cellars to a storage unit. Realizing that cash-in-hand may be more helpful than bottles of wine they may never drink, some are using their prize wine collections as collateral on short-term loans. [More]


Here’s Why You’re Probably Paying Way Too Much For A Lobster Roll

Food prices frequently fall and rise, especially for those foods that come from the ocean. But why, when the price of Maine lobster is currently below that of some chicken and beef, are consumers paying top-dollar for lobster roll sandwiches? [More]

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Food Truck Worker: I Was Fired For Calling Out Customers Who Didn’t Tip On $170 Order

While sit-down restaurant diners customarily leave tips, gratuities are much more rare in the to-go food business. But when an eatery goes out of its way to accommodate a customer, it’s not unheard of for that customer to toss a few extra dollars in. So when a food truck worker in Manhattan saw his crew had been left without a tip on a $170 order placed by a multinational shareholder advisory service, he took his frustration to Twitter — and got fired for it. [More]

New York State Wants Drivers To Put Their Smartphones Down Already

New York State Wants Drivers To Put Their Smartphones Down Already

The authorities are on to you. Yeah, you. The person who thinks that you can totally get away with texting and driving as long as you keep your phone in your lap. In order to catch you, the Empire State spent a million bucks to launch a shiny new fleet of Chevy Tahoes that let state troopers stare at motorists’ crotches. [More]


Scammy Pedicab Drivers Using Smartphone Credit Card Device To Overcharge Customers

For reasons I’ll never be able to comprehend, some visitors to New York City enjoy being chauffeured around in pedicabs, which combine the slow pace of a horse-drawn carriage with the discomfort of a rickshaw. But what these people don’t enjoy is when they find out they have been scammed out of money from pedicab drivers who use a smartphone credit card scanning app to tack on hidden fees. [More]

Verizon's old copper wire network didn't weather Hurricane Sandy very well, but is the replacement actually worse?

Verizon’s Test Of Landline-Less Service Leaves Some Customers Out In Cold

Last fall, Hurricane Sandy devastated parts of the New York and New Jersey coastline and damaged some copper wire landline networks so badly that Verizon figures it makes more sense to try out a new system that doesn’t rely on landlines rather than repair lines that many people don’t use anyway. But for some who depended on that older system, Verizon’s test isn’t making the grade. [More]


New York Attorney General Investigating Walmart, Home Depot, Others Over Prepaid Payroll Cards

Though it’s been a point of concern with employee-rights advocates for years, the use of prepaid debit cards as a substitute for traditional payroll checks is finally getting attention from the powers that be, with the New York state attorney general’s office investigating the practice at some of the nation’s largest employers. [More]

If An NYC Restaurant Isn’t Showing Its Health Inspection Grade, It Probably Failed

If An NYC Restaurant Isn’t Showing Its Health Inspection Grade, It Probably Failed

Three years ago, New York City began requiring that all of its 24,000+ restaurants post huge letter grades representing their most recent health inspection results, but more than 1,000 eateries that didn’t make the desired A grade are balking at going public with their report card. [More]

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NYC Restaurant Tells Customers That Tipping Is Not Allowed

As we’ve discussed here many, many times, restaurant wait staff often rely on tips because their base pay is generally far below the minimum wage level. Since tipping is an anomaly overseas, waiters in most other countries are paid a living wage. Thus, one sushi restaurant in Manhattan, which claims it has always paid its employees well, has recently started telling customers that tips will not be accepted. [More]

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New York Warns Of Medical-Alert Device Robocalling Scam Targeting Seniors

Most of you know to be suspicious when someone calls out of the blue to tell you you’ve been approved to get something for free. But not everyone is as savvy as y’all, which is what scammers depend on to make their money. [More]


Should You Have To Pay For Extra Ketchup At Fast Food Joints?

For years, some McDonald’s have been charging extra for additional McNugget dipping sauces or other non-ketchup condiments. But charging for extra ketchup is rare, except in Manhattan, where more than a dozen Golden Arches are tacking on a fee for the red stuff. [More]


New York AG To Sue Bank Of America, Wells Fargo Over Alleged Violations Of National Mortgage Settlement

If the big mortgage servicers thought they’d put a pile of legal troubles behind them when they reached the $25 billion dollar National Mortgage Settlement with almost every state in 2012, they were wrong. Today, New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman announced his intention to sue Bank of America and Wells Fargo for what he alleges is a ” persistent pattern of non-compliance” by the two banks. [More]

NY Shuts Down Sham Fundraising Company That Took In Millions Of Donations For Breast Cancer “Research”

Campaign Center, Inc. was the principal fundraiser for Coalition Against Breast Cancer, which spent virtually no money on research, education or prevention.

Between 2005 and 2011, the Coalition Against Breast Cancer raised around $10 million in donations intended for research to combat the disease, but authorities say that no such research ever occurred, and all that money went to pay for a grand total of 40 mammograms in seven years. [More]

Neighbors Bill Hotel $21,000 For Sleepless Nights From Noisy Parties

Neighbors Bill Hotel $21,000 For Sleepless Nights From Noisy Parties

First we brought you a story about hotel guests unable to sleep because of noises outside the building, now it’s a tale of woe from the opposite side of the looking glass, with residents on one Manhattan street sending a bill for its sleepless nights to a neighboring hotel full of party-goers. [More]

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NYC Lawmakers Propose Raising Smoking Age To 21

The same morning that the U.S. Supreme Court dealt a blow to the tobacco industry’s fight against new warning labels, lawmakers and regulators in New York City have proposed making it illegal for anyone younger than 21 to buy cigarettes. [More]


Time Warner Cable To Pay $2.2 Million To Overcharged New York Customers

More than 18,000 New York state residents will be getting refunds from Time Warner Cable, now that the company has settled allegations that it overcharged subscribers in 10 towns and villages. [More]