Aereo Expands To San Antonio, Runs Out Of Capacity In NYC

Aereo Expands To San Antonio, Runs Out Of Capacity In NYC

The loophole behind Aereo, the service that lets people watch broadcast TV from Internet-connected devices, is that for every streaming viewer, there’s one teeny antenna at Aereo HQ. This helps the company get around copyright restrictions, since each viewer of local broadcasts has their own antenna (just not in their home.) The company recently announced that it’s run out of capacity in New York City, the first area where it launched, and is expanding to the San Antonio, Texas metropolitan area. [More]


There’s a blizzard heading your way, Manhattan. Ha ha, not that kind with boring, tasteless snow! The kind you can order at Dairy Queen with your choice of candy or nutty additions. The New York City borough has never had a Dairy Queen before, but the time is nigh — doors should be open and blizzards will be a’churning this spring. [via Eater]


NYC Park Banning Hot Dog Vendors But Of Course, Mario Batali’s Gelato Cart Can Stay

Ah, the humble New York City hot dog cart. There it stands, its water tanks full of hot dogs sloshing around, staying warm until the moment some hungry passerby is in need of $2 sustenance. But those street meat carts are an eyesore to one park’s conservancy group it seems, which is pushing two hot dog vendors out while allowing other more upscale offerings to stay. [More]

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NYC Reverses Illegal Hotel Fine Leveled Against Airbnb Host

In June we heard about a New York City resident who wanted to make a couple extra bucks by renting out a part of his apartment on Airbnb. That seemingly simple action, echoed by Airbnbers around the country on a regular basis, resulted in a fine for apparently tangling with the city’s laws providing against illegal hotels. Months later, vindication is his. [More]


Time Warner Cable, CBS Will Briefly Cease Fire To Air NYC Political Debates

If you’re a Time Warner Cable customer in NYC, don’t get all happy if you turn on CBS tonight and see actual TV on your screen, as it won’t last long. The cable company and the broadcaster have called a brief truce so that tonight’s NYC political debate can be seen on the local CBS affiliate. [More]

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NYC’s Big Soda Ban Crushed By Appeals Court

Nearly five months after a last-minute ruling by a NY State Supreme Court judge took the fizz out of New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s plan to ban the sale of large sodas in city-regulated stores and restaurants, the ban has once again been dealt a blow, as an appeals court panel agreed that the city overstepped its authority. [More]

FedEx Employee Flings Packages Onto Truck, Gets Caught On Film

It’s really sad when a person can’t even hurl packages ten at a time into her FedEx truck without some muckraking jerk filming her on their cell phone. “We pick up and deliver millions of packages in a professional manner each year, and the actions in this video do not reflect our professional expectations,” FedEx told Gothamist in a statement. They claim to have disciplined the employee and her managers. (Thanks, Dov!) [More]

Magical Kiosk Prints New House Keys For Absent-Minded People

Magical Kiosk Prints New House Keys For Absent-Minded People

Imagine this scene: you’ve locked yourself out of your apartment. You could climb in the window, call up a locksmith for emergency service, or finally put to use all of those hours you spent teaching the cat how to operate a deadbolt. Or you could walk to a nearby kiosk, provide a thumbprint, and receive an exact copy of your key. [More]


NYC May Eventually Require Residents To Compost Food Scraps In Citywide Program

Are you gonna eat that? No? Mind if it just stick in this here bucket, let it sit for a bit and then dump it on my garden? That’s what we call composting (in a nut shell) and it’s been on the mind of New York City’s Mayor Michael Bloomberg lately. His administration tested out a pilot program recently and is now looking at requiring all city dwellers to take part eventually. [More]

Watch As City Changes Parking Signs Then Issues Tickets To Cars That Had Been Parked Legally

Watch As City Changes Parking Signs Then Issues Tickets To Cars That Had Been Parked Legally

Finding a parking spot in many major cities can be a pain in the butt, as you not only navigate the streets but have to be mindful of “No Parking,” “No Standing,” and any other number of signs that regulate where, and for how long, you can deposit your car. So once you find a spot and check all the signs, you should be good, right? Not if the city comes by and changes the signs on you. [More]


Enterprise Made An Extra $18 Because They Didn’t Tell Me I Might Need An EZ-Pass

We now live in a brave new world of unmanned tollbooths. B, for one, is not a fan. He rented a car recently, and Enterprise didn’t make EZ-Pass transponders available to customers. He crossed a bridge that had two options for paying its toll: automatically charged to your license plate through the mail, or EZ-Pass. Since it was a rental, he got slapped with a $18 convenience fee for the toll on just one bridge. [More]

Ride-Share Service Accuses NYC Of Cooking Up Sting Operation To Discourage Legal Activity

Ride-Share Service Accuses NYC Of Cooking Up Sting Operation To Discourage Legal Activity

In New York City, only licensed yellow cabs are allowed to make curbside pick-ups, though countless no-name cabs and rogue car service drivers regularly take the risk of being fined just to score a fare. But the folks at a ride-sharing service claim that NYC’s Taxi & Limousine Commission are unfairly attacking users of the service, which the company believes is perfectly legal. [More]

Lawsuit: NYC’s Metropolitan Museum Of Art Misleads Visitors Into Paying High ‘Suggested’ Admission Price


When you ask for a ticket at New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art, you get charged $25. Because that’s the admission price, right? Not so fast! As the fine print says, it’s actually a “suggested donation.” You have to pay something, but that “something” could be a penny that you found on the sidewalk. Upset at this, two museum-goers have filed a class action lawsuit accusing the museum of misleading the public. [More]


Book Returned To New York Public Library Almost 55 Years Overdue

It may disappoint fans of the TV program “Seinfeld,” but the New York Public Library doesn’t really have its own detectives who track down biblio-scofflaws with severely overdue books. If it did, it would have long ago tracked down the patron who checked out a copy of Fire of Francis Xavier in 1958 and didn’t return it until this week. [More]


Smart Move Or Bad Service? Restaurant Calls Cops On Diner Who Claims He Left His Wallet In Hotel Room

It’s a nightmare situation for any consumer: You’ve just finished your expensive meal and suddenly realize you can’t pay because you don’t have your wallet. How do you convince the restaurant manager to cut you some slack? What if they won’t? [More]

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NYC’s Mayor Bloomberg Blames Uptick In Crime On Thieves Coveting All Those iPhones

At any given moment, the streets of New York City are like a veritable sea, teeming with fish (people) tempting thieves with their pockets full of shiny, new electronic gadgets. And that preponderance of highly-coveted technology, including Apple’s popular iPhones and iPads, is why the city’s major crime rate has risen this year, says NYC’s Mayor Michael Bloomberg. [More]

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Should You Feel Guilty After Receiving Amazing Customer Service?

We’ve long been advocates of using Twitter for customer service when the regular channels of customer service don’t work. There’s something about the combination of pithy microblog updates and public posting that some companies have done very well, and that others have been unable to manage. Others are giving up on the platform entirely.If you can get help via Twitter, that turns you into a VIP, and that made Lindsay Robertson of The Awl uncomfortable after she used Twitter to complain to Home Depot about her backordered air conditioner. [More]

Don't Get Your Hopes Up If You Live In New York City & Really Want A Walmart To Move In

Don't Get Your Hopes Up If You Live In New York City & Really Want A Walmart To Move In

Walmart just has the worst luck at trying to get set up in New York City. The mega-chain recently failed to come to economic terms for what would be its first store in the city, but it is refusing to give up the fight. Opponents of Walmart have been successful so far at keeping it out of the city, however, so that battle is going to be a tough one for biggest of big box stores. [More]