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NYC Food Vendor Accused Of Charging Tourists $30 For A Hot Dog

One of the joys of street food is that it’s usually cheap, compared to what you’d get in a sit down restaurant or even a fast food joint. But New York City officials say a rumble broke out near Ground Zero recently when a food vendor was accused of charging tourists $30 for a hot dog, while sticking to the $3 price for locals. [More]

Uber expanded its food delivery service UberEATS to New York City and Chicago today.

Uber Expands Food Delivery Service UberEATS To Chicago, New York City

Since opening for business, ride-sharing company Uber hasn’t been content with simply giving customers rides from point A to point B. After dabbling in all kinds of pilot programs including on-demand drop-offs of everyday essentials and courier services, the company seems to have found a second niche: food delivery. And so, Uber plans to expand UberEATS to Chicago and New York this week.


From the CWA's "Where's My FiOS?" flyer.

Union-Backed Campaign Asks Verizon “Where’s My FiOS?”

For years, it’s been obvious that Verizon lacked interest in expanding its FiOS fiberoptic pay-TV and Internet service beyond its existing footprint, even though the company had not fulfilled its promises in areas like New Jersey and New York City to make high-speed broadband available to everyone. And in January, Verizon officially extinguished any hope that FiOS would be bringing competition to new markets anytime soon. But a new campaign organized by the Communications Workers of America is asking consumers to demand that Verizon deliver the service it so proudly touts on TV. [More]

When Is Taking A Yellow Cab Cheaper Than Using Uber?


Anyone who’s ever found themselves facing Uber’s surge rates has probably grumbled something along the lines of, “Well, at least cabs don’t charge more when it’s busy.” Which is true in most places with taxis licensed by the city where they operate. But what about other times when surge isn’t in effect — which service provides a cheaper ride? [More]


NYC Lawmakers Want To Pay People For Submitting Videos Of Illegally Idling Vehicles

Getting paid to spy for your government isn’t just something for the movies: In New York City, lawmakers are introducing a bill that would reward citizens who report drivers of idling vehicles and submit a video of the act as proof. [More]


NYC Officials Would Like To Remind Everyone To Please Refrain From Peeing On The Subway Platform

While there are some things one might hope wouldn’t need spelling out, if you want to get your message across, you’ve got to be clear. That’s why New York City’s transit officials felt the need to spell it out for patrons of the subway system, with a sign asking people to please not pee on the platform. [More]


New York Seeking $180M In Lawsuit Accusing UPS Of Shipping Untaxed Cigarettes

A new lawsuit filed by the state of New York and New York City is accusing United Parcel Service of shipping more than 136 million contrabands cigarettes across the state in the last five years. Those smokes are worth a lot of tax dollars — about $5 million for NYC and $30 million for the state — and as such, the lawsuit is seeking $180 million in damages and penalties. [More]


Yes, Even Dunkin’ Donuts Will Be Ditching Its Familiar Foam Cups After NYC Ban

Following the announcement yesterday that a new initiative in New York would effectively ban the use of extruded polystyrene – commonly referred to as styrofoam – containers by this summer, one of the cities largest users of the receptacles, Dunkin’ Donuts, says it will ditch its iconic cups in more than 500 stores. [More]

A conceptual image of a Link located in Brooklyn. via LinkNYC

New $200 Million Plan Aims To Replace New York City Pay Phones With Super-Fast Public Wi-Fi Hubs

A new, ambitious $200 million plan aims to connect residents of New York City’s five boroughs to free, fast public Wi-Fi by replacing the city’s old pay phones with high-tech hubs. [More]

Report: Amazon Will Open A Real-Life Store In Manhattan

Amazon's new neighbor. (Joel Zimmer)

Back in the 1920s, catalog retail giant Sears opened massive spaces in major cities that served as combination retail stores and regional distribution centers for catalog goods. These centers closed in the ’80s and ’90s, but now online retail giant Amazon.com is following the same pattern in a tiny way, opening a combination retail store and pick-up center in New York City, across the street from the Empire State Building. [More]

This guy is ready. (frankieleon)

NYC Building Selling 10 Parking Spots For $1 Million Each Because Obviously

There you are, sitting in the midst of all those piles of cash, having bought all the things you’ve ever dreamed of buying (an end to student loan debt, a cheese cave for every home and a yacht named The Aaron Rodgers) and the garbage bin is entirely full. But how will you throw your money away now? Perhaps you’d be interested in owning one of 10 million-dollar parking spots in New York City. [More]

Bedbugs Continue To Infiltrate New York Subway System In Search Of Fresh Blood To Suck

Bedbugs Continue To Infiltrate New York Subway System In Search Of Fresh Blood To Suck

Remember earlier this month when we told you that bedbugs were spotted on at least three New York Subway trains? Things apparently aren’t bug-free yet. In fact, the bugs seem to be staging some kind of coup – biting conductors and all. [More]

Lyft Is Too Successful In New York City, No Cars Available

Lyft Is Too Successful In New York City, No Cars Available

In New York City, early adopters of the car-summoning smartphone app Lyft got a special gift: fifty free rides with a fare of up to $25 each in the first fifteen days that the service is open for business. It’s an impressive promotion…or it would be if there were any drivers available. [More]

Lyft Can Launch In New York City, Only Using Commercial Drivers

Lyft Can Launch In New York City, Only Using Commercial Drivers

Two weeks ago, car-sharing service Lyft was supposed to launch in New York City, allowing car-owners to receive cash for driving strangers around. The state’s attorney general stopped the launch, saying that the company is a livery service in disguise and should be regulated as one. Today, the AG’s office announced that they’ve come to an agreement with Lyft, which will be able to launch in New York City using only already-licensed commercial drivers. [More]

Appeals Court Shuts Down New York City’s Attack On Big Soda

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Though Michael Bloomberg may no longer be Mayor of New York City, his legacy continues to linger like the taste of a sugary drink in the back of your mouth. More than a year after a judge threw out Bloomie’s proposed ban on large sodas and other sugar-sweetened beverages, an appeals court has told the city’s new mayor that cap on colas is just too much for the people of NYC to swallow. [More]

Stand On The X, Get A Parachuting Grilled Cheese Hurled At You

Stand On The X, Get A Parachuting Grilled Cheese Hurled At You

What is a jaffle? It’s sort of a grilled cheese sandwich or panini with its edges sealed, making it easy to transport. Every few months, some “profit-agnostic” entrepreneurs from Melbourne, Australia draw an “X” on the ground, let their followers know through social media, and fling parachute-suspended sandwiches at their customers. [More]

This Is Not A Welcoming Retail Establishment

This Is Not A Welcoming Retail Establishment

Reader David was walking down a street in Brooklyn when he noticed this unfriendly-looking retail establishment. He called it the “least welcoming front door ever on a jewelry store,” and we have to agree. It would be less welcoming if it were locked, maybe. [More]

Despite Hiring Local Area Sales Rep, Google Still Not Bringing Fiber To NYC Anytime Soon

Despite Hiring Local Area Sales Rep, Google Still Not Bringing Fiber To NYC Anytime Soon

Usually a job listing for a sales manager is no big deal. Thousands, if not millions, of similar listings go live every day. But when it’s a regional sales manager for Google Fiber, and the position is Google’s New York City office, the world — especially the corner of it in New York City stuck using crappy broadband — takes notice. [More]