Walmart Not Responsible For Morons Who Say Racist Things Over Store Intercom

Walmart Not Responsible For Morons Who Say Racist Things Over Store Intercom

You probably remember the 16-year-old idiot from New Jersey who in 2010 commandeered the public address system at his local Walmart to announce, “Attention Walmart customers: All black people must leave the store.” The teen’s subsequent arrest was not the end of the story, as at least one shopper has tried to sue Walmart for damages related to the incident. But a federal judge has ruled that Walmart should not be held responsible for the actions of the teen. [More]

Waitress Who Claimed She Got Anti-Gay Receipt No Longer Employed At Restaurant

Waitress Who Claimed She Got Anti-Gay Receipt No Longer Employed At Restaurant

Yet another development in the tale of the New Jersey waitress who recently claimed that she was stiffed out of a tip by diners’ who disapproved of her being a lesbian. Over the weekend, the restaurant at the center of this story announced that the waitress is no longer an employee there. [More]

Waitress Who Claims She Got Anti-Gay Receipt May Not Have Donated Money As Promised

Waitress Who Claims She Got Anti-Gay Receipt May Not Have Donated Money As Promised

The saga continues for the New Jersey waitress who became Internet-famous when she claimed she’d been stiffed on a tip by diners who voiced disapproval of her sexual orientation on their receipt, an allegation that has subsequently been discredited. Now comes news that the waitress, an ex-Marine, may not have made good on her promise to donate the money she received from supporters to the Wounded Warrior Project. [More]

The receipt on the left is the version the waitress posted to Facebook, which shows no tip and a note saying the customers disapprove of the waitress' "lifestyle." On the right is a copy of the receipt provided by the customers to NBC News, which they claim shows they left a 18% tip.

Family Claims They’re Fine With Server’s “Lifestyle,” Left $18 Tip

A few weeks ago, a New Jersey waitress set the Internets on fire with by posting a receipt, allegedly from her job, with a hateful message instead of a tip. “Sorry I cannot tip because I do not agree with your lifestyle & the way you live your life,” read the message on the receipt. The customer has now come forward to say that they left a 20% tip and would say no such thing. [More]

Credit Report Wrongly Says Man Is Convicted Felon, Forces Him To Prove Innocence

Credit Report Wrongly Says Man Is Convicted Felon, Forces Him To Prove Innocence

How do you prove you didn’t commit a crime if your accuser won’t tell you which crime you’ve been accused of committing? That’s the problem facing a New Jersey who has spent months trying to convince a shady credit reporting company that he is not the criminal that is showing up in their records. [More]

NJ Township Requires Beggars To Get A Permit

NJ Township Requires Beggars To Get A Permit

If you want to ask people for money on the streets of Middle Township, NJ, you’ll need to get a permit, as local lawmakers have passed an ordinance aimed at reining in what some view as out-of-hand begging and panhandling in the area. [More]


Man Loses Out On $217 In Credit Card Rewards Over Vague Definition Of “Pay At The Pump”

“Pay at the pump” generally means you swipe your credit or debit card at the machine. But in New Jersey, where you’re forbidden from pumping your own gas, there really is no other choice than paying at the pump, though the card isn’t always swiped at the actual pump. This vague distinction between “pay at the pump” and “giving your card to someone at the pump” is why one Jersey driver is out $217 in credit card rewards. [More]


“Citizen Of The Year” Lures Feral Cats To City Officials’ Homes… To Prove Point About Feral Cats

A New Jersey man who was once dubbed “Citizen of the Year” pleaded guilty yesterday to charges that he deliberately placed cat food on city officials’ properties in an attempt to lure feral felines and hopefully highlight the feral cat problem in the area. [More]


Scammer Threatens To Blow Up Kmart If Prepaid Debit Card Isn’t Filled

While the man in the earlier story who mentioned that he might get a machine gun and use it against the employees of a customer service call center was improperly venting his frustration, the person who called in a bomb threat to a New Jersey Kmart was just trying to scam the store out of some money. [More]


Chase: Refunding A Scam Victim Is The Same As Forgiving A Debt

When you successfully convince your credit card company that you were scammed out of thousands of dollars and that a chargeback should be issued, you’d think that would be the end of the story, but not for one Chase credit card customer who just found out — two years after receiving the money back — that Chase now says the refund is actually a forgiven debt, and that he must pay income taxes on it. [More]

The two sides of the red-light camera war in New Jersey can not agree on exactly what these videos show.

Video Proves Traffic Lights Are Rigged To Issue More Tickets, Or Maybe It Proves They Aren’t

Red-light cameras — those automated devices that snap photos of drivers caught zipping illegally through an intersection — are a hot-button topic across the country, as cash-strapped governments employ them as a cost-effective way to bring in revenue while opponents claim they are often inaccurate. One New Jersey lawmaker says he has definitive video proof that some traffic lights are rigged to snag a higher number of drivers on camera, but the maker of the cameras says the video actually proves just the opposite. [More]

One of the customers leaving money for sunglasses and batteries at the unmanned cash register.

Customers Accidentally Enter Closed Store, Leave Cash At Unmanned Counter

Back in college, I remember coming across an accidentally unlocked snack machine early one morning. It would have been so easy to just steal all the knock-off Doritos and not-quite-Oreos we wanted, but my university has a very strict honor code and we could have been kicked out of school for pilfering the bargain foodstuffs. And so we reluctantly chose to close the machine and secure the lock. On Sunday night, a group of young men in New Jersey faced a similar quandary, except they could have boosted everything from a store that had accidentally been left unlocked. [More]


Travel Club Scammers Plead Guilty To Bilking Millions From Consumers

After years of tricking New Jersey residents into paying millions of dollars to bogus “travel clubs,” a husband and wife scammer team have entered guilty pleas, and at least one of them will probably spend a few years behind bars. [More]


TGI Fridays Franchisee To Pay $500,000 For Selling Cheap Booze As Top-Shelf Stuff

Back in May, New Jersey officials undertook “Operation Swill,” raiding 29 restaurants and bars in the state — including 13 TGI Fridays locations — accusing them of misleading consumers by putting less-expensive liquor in bottles for top-shelf brands. Today, the owner of those Fridays eateries agreed to settle with the state and pay a $500,000 fine. [More]

Revel's ads say the casino will refund all slot losses during the month of July, but don't say you'll get the refund over the course of 20 weeks, and that it's in the form of slot machine credit, not cash.

Casino’s “You Can’t Lose” Refund Promotion Is Really Just Meant To Keep You Gambling

The casino always wins in the end. If it didn’t, we’d all be rich and casino-owners would be smashing open piggy banks to pay the bills. So when a house of gambling tells customers that it really wants to do something nice and will refund their slot-machine losses, you should expect that there is more to the offer than meets the eye. [More]


United Passenger Guilty Of Sexually Assaulting Sleeping Female Traveler

We want to believe this will discourage idiots from trying something like this in the future, but we don’t hold out too much hope. A New Jersey man could spend the rest of his life in prison after being found guilty of sexually assaulting a woman while she slept during a United Airlines flight. [More]

The driver's actions tacked on another 100 minutes to passengers' morning commute.

Lost Bus Driver Adds 100 Minutes To Morning Commute, Gets Angry When Passengers Try To Help

Remember those Sunday versions of the Family Circus comic where Bil Keane would use a dotted line to trace the adventures of one of the little scamps who did everything but get the milk they were sent to the store to buy? Well, replace that wholesome scene with an angry, lost bus driver and a busload of worried passengers and you have an idea of what happened yesterday in New Jersey. [More]


Jersey Shore Landlord Caught Renting Out Uninhabitable Properties And Homes He Doesn’t Own

The New Jersey coastline can be a goldmine for owners of rental properties, as vacationers flock to the Atlantic Ocean every summer looking to rent for anything from a few days to the entire season. But one landlord is accused of bilking dozens of renters by taking their money for homes not fit for human habitation, some of which he doesn’t even own anymore. [More]