Robotic Parakeets Are Low-Maintenance Pets, But Kind Of Creepy

Robotic Parakeets Are Low-Maintenance Pets, But Kind Of Creepy

There are lots of living situations where you aren’t allowed to have a pet, and a robotic or stuffed critter would make nice company. Out of all the pets to have in robot form, though, we’re not sure that we would have chosen a parakeet. Yet direct marketers Telebrands are selling Perfect Polly, a robo-keet, to the world. [More]

Does The World Really Need An Adult-Sized Big Wheel?

Does The World Really Need An Adult-Sized Big Wheel?

The adult-sized tricycle, that makes sense to us. Not everyone who wants to pedal around using their own power has a good sense of balance. What doesn’t make sense to us is this adult-sized Big Wheel, intended for people who want to recapture their childhoods and weigh up to 275 pounds. [More]

This Anti-Theft Coffee Mug Makes No Sense

This Anti-Theft Coffee Mug Makes No Sense

[Editor’s note]: A few Consumerist readers have written in to enlighten us as to the correct way to utilize this mug’s plug, and it changes everything. [More]

Kochblume Spill Stopper Sort Of Keeps Some Pots From Spilling Over

Kochblume Spill Stopper Sort Of Keeps Some Pots From Spilling Over

As a somewhat absent-minded person, I’m always glad to see when products hit the market that are helpful to people like me. How about a special lid that prevents pots from boiling over, for when you put some pasta in the boiling water and then wander off? Sounds like a great idea. Too bad it isn’t. [More]

Finally, An Advancement In Peanut Butter Jar Technology

Finally, An Advancement In Peanut Butter Jar Technology

Does that last bit of mayonnaise or peanut butter at the bottom of a jar really bother you? I usually hand the jar over to my dog and let her take care of it, but for some reason not everyone has a dog. That’s why some entrepreneurs have harnessed the technology behind deodorant sticks to eliminate this problem. [More]


Just What You Needed: Emergency Flatware Pen Caps For The Office

Dine Ink “novelty pen caps” raise several important questions around the office. For example: “why are you writing with a fork?” and “why are you eating with a pen?” There is also always the inevitable “why did you spend perfectly good money on that?” [More]

Coinstar Lets You Add Coins To Your PayPal Account, For A 10% Cut

Coinstar Lets You Add Coins To Your PayPal Account, For A 10% Cut

Sure, after you check for silver quarters, you could roll up the coins in that jar you’ve got on the counter and deposit them in the bank. You could take them to a coin-counting machine at the bank and deposit them in your savings account. You could even dump them in a fountain, making hundreds of wishes in the process. But the folks behind Coinstar’s ubiquitous machines hope that you’ll take your spare change–and maybe a few bills–and deposit it in your PayPal account. [More]

Look Tough, Nap Hard With The Travel Hoodie Pillow

Look Tough, Nap Hard With The Travel Hoodie Pillow

The Travel Hoodie Pillow is exactly what this world needs: a travel pillow that not only doesn’t look like a travel pillow and you can carry it around incognito, but lets you put a hood over your face, blocking your eyes from the light and from the curious stares of people who don’t understand why you’re wearing a sweatshirtless hood. [More]


The Origo Won’t Let Smartphone Addicts Start Car Unless Phone Is Inaccessible

Drivers distracted by their phones or other gadgets in the car are a serious safety problem and really annoying to get stuck behind when the light turns green. What if there were an overly restrictive answer to that problem? Meet the Origo: a system that won’t let you start your car unless your phone is in a specific dock. [More]

Chop chop

Will The Edge Of Glory Really Let You Slice A Tomato WIth A Credit Card?

Have you always dreamed of slicing vegetables with the sharpened edge of a plastic credit card? Yeah, us either. But pitchman Anthony Sullivan does just that in the ad for the Edge of Glory, an inexpensive, small, and easy-to-use gadget that claims to sharpen any knife in your drawer. Is it worth $10.99 plus shipping and handling? According to tests by our super-sharp siblings down the hall at Consumer Reports, the answer is “maybe.” If you only have cheap knives. Or want to chop your food with a credit card. Which actually works. [More]

(Scope Facebook page)

Scope ‘Introduces’ Bacon Mouthwash With A Mint Finish Just Before April 1st

Do you know what’s wrong with the current oral hygiene products market? Not enough bacon. In what has got to be an early April Fool’s joke, Procter & Gamble has joined the global bacon obsession. Yesterday they announced a new flavor of Scope mouthwash flavored like the famed pork product. It tastes like bacon, but leaves your breath minty fresh. If that’s even possible, the existence of Scope Bacon is a disturbing bit of flavor chemistry and we have to try it right now. [More]

This totally sucks!

Does The Lint Lizard Actually Work? Surprisingly, Yes

Infomercial products usually claim to solve a problem that you didn’t know you had. This is usually the stuff of jokes, but what if the products actually improved our lives and made us and our homes more safe? Such a thing is possible in the case of the Lint Lizard, a $11 gadget that promises to attach to your vacuum and suck gobs of lint out of the crevices of your dryer. [More]

Just in time for Easter!

You Need An Automatic Egg Tube On A Stick Maker

If there’s anything that I need in my life, it’s eggs cooked in a flexible tube like a sausage without casing. Here I am, cooking my eggs in a frying pan like a sucker. Then I learned about the Rollie. [More]

No More Kinder Surprise Smuggling: New, Legal Chocolate Eggs With Toys Inside Available In The U.S.

Chocolate and toys: everything America loves

If you’re a lucky and/or worldly person, you’ve experienced the tiny ovoid wonder that is the Kinder Surprise candy. It’s a chocolate egg with a plastic egg inside, and the interior egg includes a moderately cool toy. As many Americans learn the hard way while traveling home from Canada every year, the Surprise is illegal in the United States. This Easter, though, chocolate eggs hit the market that are thoroughly American-proof and legal. Meet Choco Treasure. [More]


Stuff No One Needs: Comic Sans Stencils

You know what’s even worse than using the font Comic Sans for every message you create on a computer, printed and online alike? Bringing the horror to the real world by using these two-inch-tall Comic Sans stencils. Don’t do it. Not even you, Banksy.  [More]

This ear canal vacuum is fun and healthy!

This Exists: Wax Vac, The Ear Canal Sucking Machine

The best infomercial/direct-response ad products solve problems that you had no idea you had. The Chia Pet? The Topsy Tail? The Shake Weight? The Snuggie? The Comfort WipeAll things that your life would have continued just fine without, but they make so much sense that you simply must have them. We’re not sure that’s the case with the Wax Vac, which combines the glamor of an ear thermometer with all of the fun of sticking an electric sucking machine in your ear while grinning. [More]

Also, it has four doors for some reason.

Perhaps You Would Like A Fridge With A Built-In Sodastream Or Hot Water Dispenser

Many of our friends and readers are big fans of the Sodastream, a device that lets you make your own sweet (or not-so-sweet) fizzy beverages at home. What if you could combine a refrigerator water/ice dispenser with the at-home carbonation technology of the Sodastream? Don’t rush to the patent office: Samsung has already introduced that product. It hits stores in April. [More]

Banana, sliced.

If You Find Using A Butter Knife Difficult And Dangerous, The Banana Slicer Is For You

In our hectic modern world, it’s difficult to find time in the day to pick up a butter knife and slice up a banana. I eat at least once sliced-up banana with peanut butter every day, and know this feeling well. That’s why someone decided to invent the Banana Slicer, which chops your banana into uniform slices with a single stroke. Because apparently that’s something that people want. [More]