How A Canadian High School Dropout Took Over The Internet With 1 Weird Trick

You’re currently using the Internet, so you’ve probably seen them: the banner ads that brag that a [local] mom has discovered “1 weird trick” to flatten her abdomen, earn unlimited cash at home, whiten her teeth, and other miracles. Who was responsible for this scourge that pays the bills for many sites on the Internet? [More]

Visa Cuts Off Payments To Unrepentant Scammers

Visa Cuts Off Payments To Unrepentant Scammers

That “local mom” trying to sell you her secret formulas for weight loss and tooth whitening in Internet ads may need to find a new job. Visa cut off payments to 100 merchants. The culled companies were the fine folks behind the “free sample” negative-option scams that Consumerist has written about extensively in the past. [More]

Buy.com And Webloyalty Reservation Rewards – Say It Isn't So!

CNET has a great article today about sneak attack merchants Webloyalty/Webvertrue/Reservation Rewards. It focuses on the relationship between Buy.com and the company that is suspect enough that the federal government is now interested.