Yes, A $2 Drugstore Brand Outperformed Chanel’s $27 Nail Polish

Yes, A $2 Drugstore Brand Outperformed Chanel’s $27 Nail Polish

Psychologists and economists have a lot to say about the perception of luxury and how the price tag on an item affects how we use it. However, all of this comes down to one important question: is a $27 bottle of nail polish really better than a $2 bottle of nail polish? Our fast-drying, long-wearing colleagues down the hall at Consumer Reports performed some tests. The answer will not surprise you. [More]


What Does It Mean That No One’s Buying $3 Nail Polish?

Earlier in the Great Recession, cosmetics company Coty was doing pretty well. The company makes the least expensive cosmeyics that you’ll find in a local drug or discount store, brands like Sally Hansen and Rimmel. Even as the global economy fell apart around us, people could still spare a few bucks for nail polish, and the company did relatively well. Now sales are down and retailers aren’t ordering as much. Why is that? [More]