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Burst Sprinkler Pipe Floods NYC Movie Theater, Sends Chandelier Crashing To The Floor

Nothing quite ruins a movie like an unexpected shower: Moviegoers at a New York City theater were interrupted in their cinematic pursuits yesterday afternoon when an overhead sprinkler pipe burst, flooding the place and sending a light fixture crashing to the ground. And yes, the theater did have screenings of Fifty Shades of Grey on the schedule let’s make that joke in our heads and move on. [More]

The dream of having all the Marvel heroes in the same film universe is getting closer to a reality, though Fox still controls the X-Men and Fantastic Four franchises. (Michael Saechang)

Sony Realizes There’s Money To Be Made In Sharing Spider-Man With Rest Of Marvel Universe

While Disney-owned Marvel Studios has Iron Man, Captain America, Thor and The Avengers to play with, one marquee Marvel character, Spider-Man, is controlled by Sony, which hasn’t been eager to share its lucrative toy with others. But Sony is apparently in a more generous mood after seeing a string of Marvel movies make boffo box-office returns and is willing to let their web-slinging superhero play with his pals. [More]

Amazon To Make Movies For Theatrical Release, Because Why The Heck Not?

Amazon To Make Movies For Theatrical Release, Because Why The Heck Not?

Amazon, the online retailer where you can rent a movie, order groceries or buy a tank, has announced that it’s venturing into a territory that seems counterintuitive for a company that focuses on delivering its products to consumers’ homes — bringing its original video productions to actual movie theaters. [More]

"Why is papa so sad?" "Because he's been downloaded 500,000 times without getting paid for it."

High Number Of Oscar Screeners Hit Pirate Sites

While you and I have had to pay to see all this year’s possible Oscar contenders (some of which haven’t even been released outside of NYC and L.A. yet), members of the various nominating guilds have been sitting at home and watching these films for free on screeners provided by the studios. And even though the movie industry tries to keep these screeners from getting out, a record number of them are readily available through pirate torrent sites. [More]

Nobody’s Going To The Movies Anymore: Theater Attendance At Its Lowest In 19 Years


The next time you’re at the movies, look around — does there seem to be more empty seats than there used to be? Your eyes aren’t lying, as we just left one of the worst years for movie theater attendance since 1995. That is the year of Waterworld and Show Girls, so you know it’s bad. [More]


Of Course People Are Already Trying To Sell ‘The Interview’ Movie Posters For Hundreds On eBay

While there will be no backsides warming theater seats at screenings of The Interview in the United States (at least, not on the movie’s planned Dec. 25 release date), there is still money to be made on the bro-com starring Seth Rogen and James Franco sent on a mission to kill the leader of North Korea. At least, people are still trying to make money off the flick. [More]

AMC Theatres To Test Monthly Subscription Packages To Lure Moviegoers

AMC Theatres To Test Monthly Subscription Packages To Lure Moviegoers

We first told you about MoviePass — a subscription service that gives you access to a movie a day for a set monthly rate — more than three years ago. And while the service has managed to evolve and stick around, it hasn’t been able to convince the major theater chains to partner with it. But now MoviePass and AMC, the country’s second-largest theater operator, have announced a plan to test the service to see if people are willing to pay $35-45/month for regular trips to the cinema. [More]


Man Maced By Woman In Movie Theater After He Asks Her To Turn Phone Off

So you’re at the movies and the person in front of you has her phone on and is tapping away merrily. It’s the previews, so who really cares? And now the movie has just started, still annoying, but okay. Five minutes in, however, is kind of pushing it. That’s when witnesses at an American Film Institute screening of Mr. Turner say one man in the audience politely asked a woman to put her phone away. She allegedly responded by spraying Mace in his face. [More]


Walmart Launches Digital Video Service So Customers Who Still Buy Blu-rays, DVDs Will Redeem Digital Copies

Walmart appears to be going Hollywood. No, the company isn’t going to be the focus of a movie. Instead the mega-retailer and its digital entertainment service, VUDU, have launched a new service putting digital copies of movies at customers’ fingertips – or rather on their smartphones and tablets. [More]

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Tetris Is Being Made Into A Live-Action Movie For Some Reason

Perhaps in a quest to ensure that a new generation of people will go to sleep every night with shapes floating behind their eyelids, someone is making a full-length live-action movie of the popular 1980s video game, Tetris. Aaaaaaaand cue that song that never fails to get in your head. [More]

9% Of Americans Are Bad People, Think It’s OK To Use Phone At Movies

9% Of Americans Are Bad People, Think It’s OK To Use Phone At Movies

If you’re reading this in your office or on the train, take a second to look around you. About 1-in-10 of the people you see are horrible human beings who think it’s okay to use their phones during a movie. And if you’re reading this at the movie theater, there’s a good chance you’re one of these people. [More]

Spoiler Alert: New Netflix Site Reveals Endings Of TV Shows & Movies

Spoiler Alert: New Netflix Site Reveals Endings Of TV Shows & Movies

Want to know who killed Laura Palmer without having to be bothered with the Log Lady or the secret romance of Big Ed and Norma? Or maybe you’re a few seasons into Lost and just can’t wait to get to what has to be a satisfying, logical conclusion that doesn’t at all backtrack on everything the show’s creator promised he wouldn’t do? Then Netflix has something to spoil your afternoon. [More]


Diabetic Teen Kicked Out Of Drive-In Movie Due To Contraband Food

If you, a family member, or a friend has diabetes, you know that it’s a good idea to carry some quickly-absorbed sugar in case of a dangerous precipitous blood sugar drop. A teen in New Jersey claims that he was doing just that, not trying to smuggle snacks into a drive-in theater for family movie night. The theater owner happens to be a pediatrician, and he isn’t buying this excuse. [More]

Straw to the brain, Linklater style.

Director Richard Linklater’s Tip To Deal With People Texting In Movies: A Straw To The Brain

First of all, let’s be clear: Violence is never the answer, and you should not hurt your fellow human beings. But if you don’t want director Richard Linklater to stab you in the brain with a straw, don’t text during the movies. Because he seems pretty serious. [More]

From The Bad Idea Files: Movie Theater Adding Surcharge For Middle Seats

From The Bad Idea Files: Movie Theater Adding Surcharge For Middle Seats

Imagine you go to the theater to catch a movie you’ve been waiting to see. You get there early and snag a seat in the middle of the theater; no having to tilt your head back because you’re too close, or having to watch the whole movie at a strange angle because you’re set off to one side. But just as the previews are about to start, some latecomer with an usher in tow tells you to get up and find another seat because he paid a $3 surcharge and you didn’t. [More]

Is This Theater Chair Design The End To The Battle Over The Armrest?

Is This Theater Chair Design The End To The Battle Over The Armrest?

I don’t know about you, but when I go to a crowded movie, I prefer to sit on the aisle; not to allow me easy access to concessions or the men’s room or to expedite my exit during the credits, but because it guarantees that I have at least one armrest that I won’t need to worry about hogging (or be quietly angry at the person sitting next to me for hogging). But could the War of the Bumping Elbows be ended by changing the design of theater seats? [More]

Disconnecting the Voice.

The ’90s Are Dead: AOL Killing Off Its Iconic Moviefone Voice

We know, we know — the word “iconic” is overused. But we’re talking about the voice that greeted callers looking to hear movie times back in the 1990s, when such a service seemed ridiculously convenient (and I didn’t have any other boys to talk to on the phone). The Internet has killed off the Moviefone voice, as AOL says it’s planning to disconnect the line.  [More]

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Stuck With Offensive Movies No More: Ultraviolet Will Let Consumers Delete Content

Last March, a reader contacted us about a free movie automatically added to his Flixster account that he didn’t even want to look at. He didn’t ask for the movie or download it on purpose, and he wanted it to go away. For some baffling reason, this was not possible.  [More]