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FDA: Generic Morning-After Pills Can Be Sold Off The Shelf Without Proof Of Buyer’s Age

When the Food and Drug Administration decided last year that the brand name version of the morning-after pill, Plan B, could be sold to anyone of any age without a prescription, it granted the drug’s manufacturer three years of protection from generic competition. The FDA has now reconsidered that concession. [More]

This label will soon change.

Feds Decide Women Of All Ages Should Have Access To The Morning After Pill

The federal government has backed down from its previous position that only women 15 or older could purchase emergency contraception without prescriptions, and told a judge that it will comply with his order that girls of any age should have access to it. This includes Plan B, the one-step form of the pill, whereas recently a judge had only been able to clear the way for a generic, two-day version for all ages. [More]


Court Gives Females Of All Ages Permission To Buy Generic Emergency Contraception

There’s been a bit of a back and forth between the courts and the White House recently over who can buy what kinds of emergency contraception, or the morning after pill. The Food and Drug Administration had approved the one-pill brand name Plan B for any women 15 or older, which didn’t apply to other forms. But now a federal appeals court says girls of any age can buy two-step generic versions without prescriptions while the federal government appeals a judge’s ruling that any females can get Plan B, regardless of age. [More]

No prescription required.

FDA Approves Morning-After Pill For Anyone 15 And Older Without A Prescription

The Food and Drug Administration announced yesterday that the morning-after pill has been approved for girls and women 15 and older without a prescription, as well as putting it out on drugstore shelves instead of keeping it stashed behind the pharmacy counter. [More]

FDA Warns Evital May Be Counterfeit Morning-After

FDA Warns Evital May Be Counterfeit Morning-After Pill

According to the Food and Drug Administration, morning-after pills labeled Evital may be counterfeit and unsafe and ineffective at preventing pregnancy. The label of the counterfeit pill reads “Evital Anticonceptivo de emergencia, 1.5 mg, 1 tablet” by “Fluter Domull.” [More]

ACLU Makes Walgreens Sell Men Emergency Contraceptives

ACLU Makes Walgreens Sell Men Emergency Contraceptives

The ACLU says it found out Walgreens stores in Texas and Mississippi refused to sell emergency contraceptives to men, then pressured the pharmacy to order those locations to fall in line with corporate policy and let the men have their morning-after pills. [More]

CVS Refuses Foreign ID To Buy "Plan B" Birth Control

CVS Refuses Foreign ID To Buy "Plan B" Birth Control

Reader John and his friend Michelle found themselves in a situation where they needed to get “Plan B” birth control, also known as “the morning after pill.” They went to their local CVS in Hawthorne, CA. and met an uncooperative pharmacist who refused them access to the pills because Michelle only had foreign ID to prove she is of legal age. (18+) The pharmacist also refused John’s state issued ID with the reason that it could not be sold to man, however, the FDA’s website clearly says that Plan B can be sold OTC to a man or woman who is 18 or over. Find out what happened to John and Michelle, inside….

FDA Approves Over The Counter Plan B

FDA Approves Over The Counter Plan B

Consumers everywhere can now put down their Siphilum divining rods, the Food and Drug Administration gave thumbs up for a next-day pregnancy prevention pill without prescription.

Wal-Mart To Begin Stocking Morning-After Pill

Wal-Mart To Begin Stocking Morning-After Pill

Wal-Mart, finally caving to opposition, will start selling the Plan B morning-after pill at its pharmacies across the nation this week. The decision comes after the Massachusetts Pharmacy Board determined that Wal-Mart was required to sell the pill in its 44 Massachusetts pharmacies, after a similar ruling in Illinois.