Study: Energy Drinks May Force Your Heart To Contract Faster

Study: Energy Drinks May Force Your Heart To Contract Faster

Most of the headlines we come across and pass along to you fine folk that involve energy drinks are usually not of the good kind. And here comes another media blast warning us that energy drinks are perhaps not something you want to ingest: A new study from a team of cardiac radiologists says when you guzzle an energy drink, it prompts your heart to contract a lot faster than it was before you tipped your head back. [More]


Lawsuit Blames Teen’s Death On His Two-Can-A-Day Monster Beverage Habit

The mother of a 19-year-old who drank two cans of Monster Beverage a day for three years filed a lawsuit this week blaming the company for his death. She alleges that his habitual consumption of the drink caused him to go into cardiac arrest last summer and die. [More]


Monster Energy Drinks Will Now Be Sold As Beverages Instead Of Dietary Supplements

In response to all the controversy surrounding the potential negative health effects of all kinds of energy drinks, Monster Energy Corp. is retooling its marketing: Instead of hawking them as dietary supplements, claims which have been questioned by federal regulators, the drinks will now be sold as beverages. [More]