Subway Launches New Mobile Payment, Ordering Options

Subway Launches New Mobile Payment, Ordering Options

Now that nearly every American has a smartphone permanently fixed to their hand, a long list of restaurants including Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts, Taco Bell and Dominos have upped their mobile presence by way of ordering and payment apps, and now one of the largest chains in the country is joining the ever-growing list: Subway. [More]

Verizon’s Go90 Mobile Streaming TV Service To Launch With Tiny Beta Test

Verizon’s Go90 Mobile Streaming TV Service To Launch With Tiny Beta Test

It’s been almost a year since Verizon first announced it would launch a streaming TV service and the company is just now getting around to naming it — Go90 — and providing details on its eventual launch.

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Starbucks Ditches Square, Will Cease Accepting Wallet Mobile Payments In Coming Months

The two-year long partnership between Starbucks and mobile payment system Square is coming to an end, as the coffee company had decided to ditch the mobile payment company’s upcoming new system in favor of its own mobile ordering solution. [More]

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Shoppers Would Rather Stare At Their Phones Than Talk To A Salesperson

When you’re shopping at a store in the real world, would you rather have a conversation with a sales associate or look up information on your own mobile phone? The results of a study by the Consumer Electronics Association will shock nobody who has ever received inaccurate or misleading information from a salesperson, or had to get away from an aggressive salesperson who wants nothing more than to close a sale. [More]

Widow Brings Husband’s Cremains To T-Mobile Store, Still Can’t Get Account Canceled

Widow Brings Husband’s Cremains To T-Mobile Store, Still Can’t Get Account Canceled

T-Mobile just doesn’t want to let its customers go. We’ve shared stories of customers whose survivors couldn’t get a line shut down after they died, and survivors asked to keep a phone line open so they could hear a loved one’s voice. This isn’t a problem unique to T-Mobile USA, apparently: a widow in Cardiff, Wales brought her late husband’s ashes to the store after they refused to close out her husband’s line. [More]

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Mobile Ads Overtake Porn As Most Likely Way To Get Malware On Your Phone

While malware dressed in pornography’s clothing used to be the most tempting for smartphone users, it’s been overtaken recently by mobile ads, says one online security company in its latest report. Which means that either our big clumsy figures are accidentally hitting things or we’d rather look at ads than naked body parts. [More]

TV Reporter Drops iPhone In Toilet, Runs It Over With Car, And It Still Works

TV Reporter Drops iPhone In Toilet, Runs It Over With Car, And It Still Works

Smartphones are tiny devices filled with delicate electronics, and ought to be coddled and shielded to ensure their safety…right? As part of a story about third-party mobile phone warranties, a TV reporter in Houston trashed an iPhone by dropping it in water and running it over with a car. These things rendered it completely unusable, right? Nope. [More]

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Our Phone Service Disappears Entirely, Sprint Is Completely Helpless

Jay has tried everything that he can think of to get through to Sprint. After being a customer for more than a decade and living in the same house for four years with no phone reception issues, suddenly they started dropping calls at home. Their phones have been pretty much unusable for two months now. Since they don’t have a landline and phone access is kind of what they’re paying Sprint for, they’re just sad and tired and discouraged. They want help. They want to make some phone calls. [More]


The First Mobile Phone Call Was Made 40 Years Ago Today

You talk to it everyday, stroke it, keep it close by when you sleep and use it to share your world with those close to you. Cell phones are as ubiquitous today as well, we can’t really think of any other product consumers cherish so universally. And it all started 40 years ago with the first public call made from a mobile phone. [More]

Verizon Thinks My Wife Spent 10-Hour Roaming Call Talking To Co-Worker’s Voice Mail

Verizon Thinks My Wife Spent 10-Hour Roaming Call Talking To Co-Worker’s Voice Mail

RL isn’t arguing that his wife made a roaming call to a co-worker from a hotel in Venice, Italy. His dispute with Verizon wireless is regarding how long that call was. His wife says that it was ten minutes long. Verizon counters that it was ten hours and nine minutes. Considering that the call was to a voice mail box, that must have been an epic, almost close to the the actual meaning of the word “epic,” voicemail. [More]

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Anthony Clark Is Calling From My Virgin Mobile Phone. I Am Not.

Who is Anthony Clark? Steve doesn’t know him, but for some reason, that’s what the Caller ID on his mobile phone says when he places calls. His clients don’t know who Anthony is, so they won’t pick up the phone when his name on Caller ID. Virgin Mobile doesn’t know how the name got there, who Anthony is, or how to make him go away. [More]


Hey, What Happened To All Of My iPhone Contacts?

Are you facing life without any of your iPhone contacts? Davin is, and so are a lot of other people. Apple’s response? Well, they don’t have a solution. Their best answer is that, well, these people should have backed their contacts up to iCloud. [More]


My Virgin Mobile Phone Fails At Basic Phone Functions.

It doesn’t matter what Virgin Mobile tells Steve to do. It doesn’t fix his phone. Callers can’t reach him, text messages take hours to go through, and his phone generally fails at all of the normal functions of a phone. We’re pretty sure phones are supposed to do all of those things. [More]


Is A $19/Month Smartphone Through Republic Wireless Right For You?

Yeah, the future is here, and everyone above the age of eight seems to be wandering around with smartphones in their pockets. Maybe you’ve put off joining the mobile-computing revolution because you didn’t want to spend $100 per month for a voice and data plan. How about $19 per month for a smartphone with unlimited voice, texting, and data? That’s what Republic Wireless offers, and many consumers find this intriguing. The problem is that you pretty much get what you pay for. Or is that an advantage? [More]

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T-Mobile Gives Us 1 Bar Of Service At Home, Still Charges $600 ETF To Leave

JD and his family moved to a different town in the same state, but T-Mobile didn’t have great reception in their new home. They had only one bar of service, but T-Mobile customer service staff assured the family that the service would get better. It didn’t. When his wife’s phone broke, they upgraded her phone and his son’s phone after assurances from the salesperson that having new, advanced smartphones would improve their reception. They did not. What the family would really like now, a year later, is to quit their T-Mobile contract and get on with their lives. That’s not an option without an early termination fee. [More]


Banned From Boost Mobile’s Facebook Page For Telling Other Customers How To Get Actual Help

Nick likes Boost Mobile, but he needed some help from the company. He tried to call them, but was cast into phone-prompt purgatory. He sought solace and support from other frustrated Boost customers on their Facebook page, and the admin scolded him for “spamming” the page. When a simple Google search turned up a number where he could find a live rep, he shared this information with the masses. And got banned from the company’s Facebook page. [More]

Sprint Salesman Offers 25% Off To Get Me To Switch, Forgets To Mention I’m Not Eligible

Sprint Salesman Offers 25% Off To Get Me To Switch, Forgets To Mention I’m Not Eligible

William assumed that the mobile phone kiosk salesman was acting as an agent of Sprint, trying to get him to switch. The offer was too good to refuse: 25% off, without having to work for a specific employer or any other qualification. They paid an ETF to Verizon and jumped ship. That’s when they learned that the discount wasn’t for just anyone: it was an employee discount, and William didn’t work for the company the salesman had claimed that he did. [More]

Deli Imposes $3 ‘Yapping On Phone While Ordering’ Surcharge

Deli Imposes $3 ‘Yapping On Phone While Ordering’ Surcharge

We don’t have a “Consumerist Hero Citation,” but if we did, it would go to the person at this Vermont deli who had the idea to impose a $3 fine for yapping on one’s cell phone while trying to order at the counter. “$3 will be added to your total if you fail to GET OFF YOUR PHONE while at the counter. IT’S RUDE,” the sign reads. [More]