Reviews Of Effervescent Bacon Drink Tabs Are Predictably Negative

While the mere mention of a bacon product can stir mouths everywhere into a foaming, slavering lather of gustatory desire, let’s not get carried away into thinking that everything bacon-flavored will taste good. Which is why we’re totally unsurprised that the reviews for Effervescent Bacon Tablets are pretty much united on the “eww, these are gross” front. You’ve been warned. [More]


The Dream Is Over: Scope Bacon Is Not Real

We all knew that this news was coming, but it’s still so very difficult to hear. Scope Bacon is not real. The campaign proved just plausible enough to get people talking, but wasn’t plausible enough to be a real Procter & Gamble product. [More]

Bacon Love Story: A Man, A Dream, A Salted Meat

Bacon Love Story: A Man, A Dream, A Salted Meat

Brooke’s husband, like many sensible people, loves bacon. As a gift, she bought him a subscription to the Bacon of the Month Club. For a few months, they received fantastic bacon and whimsical bacon-related merchandise through the mail, just as promised. Then, suddenly, things went awry in mail-order bacon paradise.