Farmer Makes His Own ‘Field Of Dreams’, Plops $20K Ice Skating Rink In The Middle Of His Land

Farmer Makes His Own ‘Field Of Dreams’, Plops $20K Ice Skating Rink In The Middle Of His Land

If there’s a disgraced hockey team from days of yore that were lost and wandering in a cornfield for eternity, or maybe a pair of figure skaters who threw their performance and are doomed to regret it in the afterlife, they’ll be happy to know there’s a place for them to go, a la Field of Dreams: A farmer in Minnesota (because of course) has built his own ice skating rink in the middle of his land. [More]

Couple Charged With Stealing 1,970 Trees From Forest

Couple Charged With Stealing 1,970 Trees From Forest

A man and woman in Minnesota face up to a year in jail and thousands of dollars in fines after they were caught sap-handed in their attempt to steal a huge quantity of spruce trees and tree tops from county-managed forest land, all with the goal of selling to unsuspecting Christmas-tree buyers. [More]

Dairy Queen Manager Kicks Cash-Stealing Meanie Out Of Store, Redeems Humanity

Dairy Queen Manager Kicks Cash-Stealing Meanie Out Of Store, Redeems Humanity

Let’s say that you’re in line at Dairy Queen behind a blind man, who drops his cash and cards on the floor. While he scrambles to pick everything up, you pick up a $20 bill from the floor. Not to be helpful, though: to steal. Then the Dairy Queen cashier kicks you out of the store, and…gets fired for it? No! [More]


Fictional Character Betty Crocker Provides Real Cakes For Minnesota’s First Gay Weddings

People worldwide continue to disagree vehemently on the subject of civil marriage for same-sex couples, but everyone can agree that free cake is a nice thing. The first legally binding gay marriages in Minnesota will happen after midnight on August 1st, and three lucky couples will have free wedding cakes courtesy of Minnesota-based General Mills. [More]


Minnesota Hopes New Background Checks Will Deter Scammy Coin Dealers

As the prices of precious metals began to take off in recent years, so did the number of less-than-legitimate buyers and sellers of coins. These scammy individuals, often ex-cons, tarnished the industry by misleading people into selling their valuable coins for a fraction of what they were worth, along with instances of theft and fraud. This week, Minnesota begins implementing a new law that hopes to discourage these people from getting into the business by requiring criminal background checks. [More]

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The Mall Of America Is About To Double In Size

Does the Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota need to get bigger? It’s only the biggest mall in the country, so of course it does! The mall just broke ground on a $250 million addition that adds 50 stores, an atrium, an office tower, a luxury hotel, and a massive and fancy “food hall” to replace the current food court. The owners ultimately plan $2.5 billion in additions in the coming decade, adding one new thing per year. [More]

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Amazon Cutting All Ties To Minnesota Business Before Online Sales Tax Law Kicks In

Amazon would rather not collect online sales tax in Minnesota — at least, it doesn’t want to do so because the state orders it to — so instead, by the end of the month it will cut all ties to its Minnesota-based affiliate websites. Those sites get a fee every time they refer shoppers to Minnesota, so they’ll be out of luck as of July 1. [More]

Superman got his start on the pages of Action Comics.

Update: Comic Book Found In Wall Sells For $175,000 At Auction

Remember last month when we told you about the Minnesota home-rebuilder who bought a fixer-upper for $10,000 and then found a copy of Action Comics #1 from 1938 hidden in the wall? It was expected that the rare book would go for at least six figures, and when the auction closed last night, the final bid was for $175,000. [More]

Superman got his start on the pages of Action Comics.

Man Pays $10K For House, Finds $107,000 Comic Book Hidden In Wall

When a Minnesota home remodeler decided to plunk down $10,100 for a fixer-upper to rehab, he just assumed it was a no-lose investment. Little did he know about the rare comic book he’d find stashed in the wall of the house. [More]


Scammers Pretend To Buy Gas Station, Hold Amazing Sale, Run Away

A strange gas station scam in Minnesota didn’t hurt customers, exactly: it benefited customers. The scam victim was the owner of the gas station, who thought that they had sold the place to credible new owners. Instead, after a glorious one-day sale with everything in the convenience store half off and gas about forty cents per gallon below the local market price, the sale collapsed. The owner says that the down payment check bounced, the buyers disappeared, and $50,000 in cash was missing…along with the gas and merchandise that local customers pounced on during that too-good-to-be-true sale. [More]

The man in the foreground did not try to con a Minnesota hospital.

Posing As Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour To Scam Hospital For $100K In Treatment Is Not A Good Idea

Pretending to be a legend of rock in order to rack up a six-figure hospital bill may sound reasonable — to a crazy person — but it’s likely just going to end up with you in a whole mess of trouble. [More]


Minnesota City Fights Back Against Comcast Rate Hikes

Following Comcast’s decision to start charging $1.99/month for previously free converter boxes and a nearly 10% rate hike for some customers, the mayor of Eagan, MN, has written lawmakers and regulators asking for the right to rein in what the city’s residents pay for cable. [More]

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Minnesota AG Says Debt Collectors Need To Provide Better Evidence When Suing Consumers

Tired of seeing debt buyers and debt collectors winning court cases with little evidence to back their claims, Minnesota Attorney General Lori Swanson has asked state lawmakers to craft a bill mandating a higher standard of proof from these businesses. [More]


City Government Busts Old-Timey Soda Fountain For Selling Old-Timey Candy Cigarettes

As a child of the ’80s raised by a pair of reformed smokers, I never had candy cigarettes. They weren’t common when I was growing up, and even if they had been, I wouldn’t have been allowed to have them. You may be surprised to learn that they still exist. Until recently, you could buy them at a retro old-timey soda fountain in St. Paul, Minnesota. Until Big Government swooped in and told the owner that the candy cigs had to go, because they’re illegal. [More]


Minnesota Says No To Free Online College Courses

A new trend has popped up on the education radar lately — free online classes anyone from anywhere can take to learn about a plethora of subjects. It’s known as MOOC — massive open online courses, and Coursera is one of the big names out there offering a variety of learning material. But the state of Minnesota is miffed because the universities offering classes through Coursera didn’t get permission to operate there, prompting the company to change its terms of services for customers in that state. [More]


At Many Minnesota DMVs, Wait 2 Months Or Get In Line At 4 A.M. For Driver’s License

Oh, the dreaded Department of Motor Vehicles, where hopes are raised and dashed, where snaking long lines and confusing paperwork contribute to an atmosphere hellish enough to discourage even the most stalwart driver. If there’s a way for a DMV to be even more awful, Minnesota’s in the running for that dubious honor. Hopeful drivers-to-be in the state are apparently stuck either waiting two months to take a driving test or have to show up as early as 4 a.m. to take their shot behind the wheel. [More]


Dish Network Is About To Drop My NBC Affiliate That Isn’t Even Local

Dale only has one complaint about Dish Network, but it’s sort of a strange one. Yes, he can tune local broadcast channels from Minneapolis through his Dish tuner, but they’re not local enough. He lives in more than 200 miles away in Bemidji, MN. [More]

What's To Come Of All The Space Left Over By Shrinking Big Box Stores?

What's To Come Of All The Space Left Over By Shrinking Big Box Stores?

In recent years, a number of big box retailers and department store chains have begun the process of closing stores and cutting the size of some existing outlets. But since there isn’t exactly a huge rush by other retailers to snap up those spaces, are we going to inundated with empty ghost stores that stand as a reminder of the big box boom? [More]